Another Cash offer for the Arrest of killers

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted June 4, 2004

Some Liberian American Military veterans in the United States of America are offering US$10,000 for the arrest and prosecution of the killer(s) of John Auffery, an American who was recently murdered in a local hotel last month.

The group said it is unacceptable for such a heinous act to be carried out in Liberia which is known to be a close friend to America.

“The killing of John Auffery is a clear indication that some Libyans may be at work along with some Arab merchants who sympathize with former president Charles Taylor’s general staff and who are not happy to see the US involvement in Liberia. The death does not send a good signal, if Liberia wants help from America and the international community.

“Liberians do not go around in hotels killing Americans. Someone told these killers what to do”.

The veterans are also asking that the management of the hotel be questioned well. Liberia has a diverse middle Eastern population that should be vetted for moles. The group is calling on the US embassy to get the FBI involved in the investigation.

“This maybe a Defense Department member team today, and perhaps tomorrow, it could be an ordinary Liberia, a Ghanaian, Australian or a former Liberian American military member. We want justice and this should not be swept under the rug of diplomacy”.

“The US military is the greatest organization in the world and we are proud as Liberians to have been privileged to serve. The restructuring of the Liberian army by the greatest organization in the world, would never be resisted by a Liberian except those who work for haters of freedom and liberty. We must not allow this to happen.

“We call on Chairman Bryant to pursue every avenue to apprehend the killers and their masters. Failure to apprehend all involved, will lead to alternative ways to bring insecurity to our nation. Without security, there cannot be investment. We as Liberians should never tolerate terrorists and their surrogates in our midst, no matter what form of manifestation.” The release signed by Field Marshall Montague concluded.

Meanwhile as the man-hunt intensifies, the Liberia National Police has established a new emergency number in connection to the murder case involving wanted suspect Emmanuel Mulbah alais “Boy T. Moore”. The number is 355.

According to a release from the National Police headquarters, the authorities of the Liberia National Police are calling upon anyone with information leading to the arrest of suspect Emmanuel Mulbah to call emergency number 355 and you will receive any immediate response from the police.

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