The Mystery of the suffering Liberian Children And the Work Of An Local NGO

By: Martin C. Benson/ Senior Reporter

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

May 21, 2003

This article is aimed as giving you details on the plight of suffering Liberian children and the work of a local Liberian national humanitarian organization. This organization, the Concerned Children in Difficult Circumstances or CCDC is one of the several organizations operating in the country, without needed donors support.

However, this article highlighted the plight and condition of the suffering Liberian children living in difficult circumstances.

As a result of the crisis in Liberia, the future of many children have become bleak; many of the children are homeless, destitute and traumatized. This has prompted many social worked and trauma counselors to unite and provide some assistance through relief and development programs for these war affected children. Mr. Patrick Jrikan, Director of the concerned children in Difficult circumstances was moved in 1993 to establish a center for children.

Concerned Children in Difficult Circumstances is a voluntary, non for profit, non-governmental Organization, was set up purposely to create the enabling environment, opportunities and guidance for war affected children, some of whom are wayward, abandoned, orphaned, traumatized and homeless.

The program of CCDC was initially designed to take in children especially those who were affected and were in difficult circumstances during the heat of the crisis. The Organization provided shelter, food, clothing, basic counseling and other relief services to these children. War affected children remain in the shelter for two to three months and were later reunited with their parents and relatives could not be traced remain with the Organization for a longer period.

A shelter for war affected children was established in March 1993 by the Organization, with 65 children age ranging from 5 to 15 years initially benefited. Those children were in very deplorable and appalling condition when they were brought to the shelter, but with the help and expertise of 21 Social Workers and child Counselors many of the children regained their sanity and were reunited with their parents and other relatives. Children who could not be traced remained with the organization for a longer period

In spite of the many problems faced by this Organization, the total of 500 children have been rehabilitated and reunited with their families on a yearly basis, since 1993. The Concerned Children In Difficult Circumstances, Inc. (CCDC) works in close partnership collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Republic of Liberia and other humanitarian Organizations including the CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES-USCC/Liberia Program, the WORLD FOOD PROGRAM/Liberia, the Liberian Red children in urban rural areas of Liberia and catering 1,500 disabled children in the Community under our Community Based Rehabilitation Program (CBR).

CCDC also engaged in several selected development programs, including childcare, food and mutilation, health care, education, agriculture, etc, in the community. In order to continue to meet the needs of war affected children in Liberia, the CCDC is soliciting financial and material support from Christian Community, Philanthropists, and other humanitarian Organizations in and out of Liberia as the Organization believe that through your help to the needy, their work will be of their hopes and courage.

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