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The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted June 2, 2004

ON MONDAY, THE Monrovia City Corporation through Mayor Ophelia Hoff-Saytumah lamented the lack of financial and logistical support from the Central Government to carry out its statutory mandate of making Monrovia a clean and healthy place.

ANNOUNCING THIS AT a press conference, Mrs. Saytumah noted the heaps of garbage in the streets of the capital coupled with the poor sanitation of Monrovia are the direct result of the
corporation’s financial and logistical impotence.

FURTHERMORE, THE CITY Government’s chief executive disclosed that the US$25,000 allotted to MCC in the natonal budget is very little to handle the enormous problems facing the city corporation. She expressed her institution’s commitment to executing its functions, but reiterated that the lack of needed support was a major impediment.

IT IS AN undebatable fact that he city corporation has a crucial role to play to ensuring that the city is clean and healthy for human habitation. Considering this, the MCC needs every assistance to effectively and efficiently discharge its functions, especially as they relate to the enforcement of city ordinances and the collection and disposal of garbage.

IT IS A shame and disgrace that the city of Africa’s oldest republic continues to be in shambles because of the lack of support. As such, something concrete must be done by the government to give the MCC the teeth to bite. Actually, with the level of work being done by the corporation in the absence of needed support, much would be achieved if it gets sustained support.

THEREFORE, WE CALL on the government to review its US$25,000 budgetary allotment for the MCC with the view of augmenting it to enhance the work of the city corporation. Additionally, we call on the transitional government to immediately refrain from its “no money” syndrom and make available what it has on hand to the city corporation in a bid to keep Monrovia clean

IN THE SAME vein, we call on the international community, organizations, institutions and individuals of goodwill for their quick and timely financial or logistical assistance to the MCC. We make specific reference to th UNMIL Quick Impact Project to give consideration to the needs of the MCC.

INCREDIBLY, THE CITY mayor and her team have been doing a wonderful job in th absence of needed support. Hence, it is time that the sad plight of the MCC claims the attention of those concerned to empower it carry out its functions as “cleanliness is next to godliness”

LET’S HELP THE city government to transform Monrovia from a dirty city to a clean one. HELP NOW!

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