Concern Mounts Over Disbursing Officer’s Removal



The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

August 28, 2004

There are reports that concern is gradually mounting within the leadership of the rebel group, Movement for Democracy in Liberia(MODEL), as it relates to the removal of the former warring group’s nominee from the position of Chief Disbursing Officer at the Ministry of Finance.

Mr. Maxwell Tody, an executive member of MODEL, was ordered removed from his position by the authority of the Ministry of Finance and replaced by an associate of a senior Minister at the ministry.

Reports gathered by this paper suggest that the removal of Mr. Tody from his position has raised concern within the leadership of MODEL, which is said to have taken up the case with NTGL Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant since the position of Disbursing Officer is its slot during this transitional period.

According to reports, Mr. Tody was served a letter dated August 14,2004, a copy of which was obtained by this paper during our investigation, to report to the office of the Finance Ministry’s Director of Personnel for reassignment.

The letter which was signed by Deputy Finance Minister Tugbeh Doe, attributed the decision of the ministry to remove Mr. Tody to inefficiency on the job, something which he Tody strongly rejected when he was contacted by our reporter about his removal. He declined to comment further.

However, reports of our investigation suggest that Mr. Tody as an Executive Member of the MODEL rebel movement, has taken up the issue with the movement’s Chairman Thomas Yaya Nimely who is also reported to have raised the matter with the NTGL Chairman with the aim of making sure that the group gets it slot of Disbursing Officer at the Finance Ministry.

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