University Student Group Denounces Killing Of Innocent Liberians


The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted October 16, 2003

The Executive Committee of the Conscious University Students Association (CUSA) says it condemns in the strongest term the death of innocent Liberians as a result of the October 1, 2003, unfortunate incident at the Redlight in Paynesville.

In a CUSA press release circulated last week, the group said it believes that incident was a teleguided attempt by a handful of persons to undermine efforts by major stakeholders in the Liberian conflict to build confidence solidifying their commitment to the peace process.
"We are totally opposed to overnight looting of a Muslim mosque, business centers especially Mandingo-owned businesses, burning of residential areas as well as harassment of Mandingoes in the Paynesville vicinity.

"We are of the conviction that these barbaric acts have the potential to spark religious or ethnic violence which might derail the entire peace process, thereby leading Liberia into total chaos and anarchy. We demand justice for the death of scores of innocent Liberians. Indeed these criminal activities are totally unacceptable. Let the perpetrators of these brutal killings not go with impunity as usual", the release added.

The student group then used the opportunity to extend deepest thanks and appreciation to the peacekeepers (ECOMIL) for job well done. "We wholeheartedly welcome the arrival of UNMIL into Liberia. We hope and pray that UNMIL will perform to the expectation of the Liberians", CUSA asserted.

Meanwhile CUSA has called on the high command of UNMIL to immediately deploy its troops in Paynesville to curtail any act of lawlessness.

CUSA said it is saddened by the untimely withdrawal of the United States backup troops, at this crucial period of the Liberian peace process when UNMIL is yet to fully deploy throughout the country. We are of the opinion that with the presence of US backdrop troop, no belligerent force will try to stall the peace process. In this regards, we appeal to the United States Government to reconsider its decision for the sake of the war weary Liberians.

CUSA vehemently reject unilateralism of the National Patriotic Party(NPP) to occupy slots allotted to the Government of Liberia in ensuring National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA). Has the NPP forgotten arrangement that brought it to power? We therefore urge every political party with seat(s) in the Proportional Representative Assembly to begin the process of submitting names of qualified candidate to occupy Government of Liberia (GOL) slots.

CUSA is completely disappointed by the selection to the NTLA of Hon. Sando Johnson and Hon. Thomas Nimely. We know Hon. Johnson to be a vandal and an antagonist of eminent people of the society. However, Hon. Nimely who was rejected by the people of Grand Kru County for his bid record and has now been imposed on the Liberian people by the National Patriotic Party (NPP) is nothing but a problematic pepper bird that has the potential to jeopardize the interest of the Liberian people. Our mind is still fresh on his description of US grant to local group as "peanut", and his call to the then U.S. Ambassador Hon. Bismarck Myrick to pack his bag and leave. Seriously, these baseless statements hampered EU-Aid which was desperately needed for war weary Liberians. To avoid the wickedness of these Hon. Men and to deter people who use their offices to tarnish the image of Liberian and its people, we recommend the recall of Hon. Johnson and Hon. Nimely immediately! We also call on all well meaning Liberians never to put off till tomorrow what can do today CUSA said it is deeply troubled by former president Charles G. Taylor interference in Liberia political affairs. We feel this act of meddling grossly violates Mr. Taylor’s asylum states and as such, he must quickly turned over to the UN Sponsored Court in Sierra Leone to face justice.

"Let us not forget that Mr. Taylor successfully built terrorist empire on the West Coast of Africa. The more he stays at large and remains in contact with his trained terrorists, the better he consolidates his terrorist network, thereby, plunging the entire sub-region into chaos with no hope for the Liberian peace process. We therefore appeal to the United Nations Security Council to be led by the United States to pressurize the Nigerian Government to quickly and unconditionally hand Mr. Taylor over to face justice so that the souls of Mr. Taylor’s sponsored genocide can rest in perfect peace and the sub-region can be freed at last. Let Mr. Taylor not be allowed to also undermine the good work of the international community in finding peace at a highest cost both human and finance for the sub-region. A hint to the wise is quite enough", the release concluded.

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