Liberian Political Party Dismisses Chairman

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

May 23, 2003

The James Harris-led National Executive Committee of the All Liberian Coalition Party (ALCOP) wishes to inform all print and electronic media, and the general public that Mr. David E. Kortie is no longer the National Chairman of the Party.

According to a release issued under the signature of T. Melvin Johnson, Secretary General of ALCOP, a resolution adopted on May 4, 2003, a vote of no confidence was declared against Mr. Kortee by more than 2/3 majority members of the National Executive Committee followed by an indefinite suspension as National Chairman of the Party.

The release further said that the NEC under the Acting leadership of Rep. James S. Harris, Sr. wishes to further and advise all concerned not to transact any matter related to ALCOP with Mr. Kortie, as doing so will be a vain-venture.

Additionally, the National Executive Committee of ALCOP is commending the President and government of the Republic of Liberia, the International Contact Groups, Civil Society Movement of Liberia, political parties and all those involved in the Liberian peace process for their unwavering resolve to see durable peace and tranquility prevail in Liberia.

Meanwhile, the All Liberian Coalition Party (ALCOP) is calling on LURD & MODEL to unconditionally cease fire and take advantage of the pending peace talks in Accra, Ghana which is in the best interest of the peace-loving people of Liberia.

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