World Council of Churches Appointed Liberian

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted July 15, 2003

Dr. Laurence Konmla Bropleh, a prominent Liberian living in the United States of America has been named as the World Council of Churches (WCC) Ambassador to the United Nations. He is to monitor all UN processes and inform the WCC of the world body's activities.

Dr. Bropleh, a United Methodist clergyman is expected to participate in the inner workings of all UN agencies by promoting the fundamental principles of the World Council of Churches and those of other non-church related institutions.

He will highlight the issue of justice, peace, education and ecumenical formation, and relations among other things.

The UMC prelate is further expected to represent the interest of more than 400 million Christians, 340 churches and fellowship in more than 120 countries and territories throughout the world.

The notable hardworking clergyman is scheduled to take up office September 1, 2003, with offices at the UN Plaza in New York.

Before coming to this office, Dr. Bropleh served the global United Methodist Church as Regional Executive Secretary for personnel with oversight responsibility for Sub-Sahara Africa.

Dr. Bropleh can be accredited for what is now known throughout the global UMC as the Missionaries of Hope Program. Dr. Bropleh is also credited for other church related initiatives that are now benefitting the African continent particularly efforts to reach disadvantage people across Africa and conflict resolution and peace-building.

He will be the first African and Liberian to head this post ever in the history of the World Council of Churches. It is seen as a distinct not only for Dr. Bropleh, but for the Liberia United Methodist Church, the Republic of Liberia at such a critical time and the entire African Continent.

The World Council of Churches is an international fellowship of Christian Churches built upon the foundation of encounter, dialogue and collaboration.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bropleh who is the chief executive officer of the J.E. Bropleh Foundation is expected to launch a new initiative for the children of Liberia.

The initiative will be named and styled, “Monrovia Orphans and Vulnerable Children. The program will seek to provide children with basic needs, while they are going through crisis.

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