The Free Democratic Party Calls for Investigation

By: C. Winnie Saywah

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted May 19, 2004

The Free Democratic Party (FDP) is calling on the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) to investigate Speaker George Dweh for his alleged involvement in the squabble about the replacement of Finance Minister Lusine Kamara.

The FDP through its Secretary General, Emmanuel Tumbey during a press conference yesterday at its headquarters on Center Street said, Speaker Dweh is allegedly bent on instigating LURD fighters to discontinue the disarmament process if Minister Kamara is not replaced with Mr. Soko Sackor.

The party pointed out it is against the decision of the NTLA which had previously ruled that it was a violation of the CPA to withdraw any government official after 100 days of being inducted into office.

Citing an example, the FDP said in the case of Rep. Josephus Banks of LINU and Rep. Fayah J. S. Gbollie of FDP, the Speaker of the NTLA ruled that the honorable men could not be withdrawn from the house on grounds that any such government official no longer serves the organization that nominated him but the public.

For his part, the National Chairman of the FDP, Ciaffa Gbollie said it is no hidden secret that Speaker Dweh has been holding meetings at his Bushrod Island compound in favor of LURD. He then noted, “as speaker, we expect Hon. Dweh to behave in a responsible manner instead of holding factional meetings to disrupt the disarmament process.”

FDP Chairman Gbollie said being speaker and still holding loyalty to a faction calls for a thorough investigation by the honorable body to ensure that appropriate action is taken.

He said the act of disrupting security is treasonable under the laws governing the state though there exists freedom of association but it should not go unpunished.

Mr. Gbollie linking GSA boss Edward Farley, Customs Commissioner Charles Bennie among others, pointed out that they need to be dismissed, arrested and turned over to government for prosecution.

Meanwhile, the FDP says a 5-man delegation will on tomorrow be dispatched to register the party’s position on the same issue to ECOWAS, UN and the AU because Minister Kamara is no longer serving LURD but the Liberian people.

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