First Lady Tours Facilities

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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Atlanta, Georgia

Posted April 26, 2004

The First Lady, Mrs. Rosie-Lee A. Williams Bryant, toured a number of educational facilities to acquaint herself with the progress being made to ensure students returning to school.

The First Lady visited the University of Liberia and was met and welcomed upon her arrival by members of the Board and students. She thanked the students for their efforts in working with the clean-up of the campus and urged them to exercise patience as the renovation process has begun to re-open the University.

Mrs. Bryant who is also a graduate of the University made the statement today when she donated one hundred bags of rice, a purse and other food items to help feed the students and faculty who are presently involved in the clean-up campaign on campus. She said as a mother, she feels the pain of the parents and the students, but appealed for patience while those concerned were doing everything to re-open the university.

recognized the level of devastation that was done to the university and asked the Board, faculty and students to work as a team because there was a lot to be done on the campus asx a result of the many wars. The First Lady asked everyone present to support the DDRR efforts and continue to pray for peace and stability which is very crucial for faculty and students because without that their education will be in jeopardy.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the Board, faculty and students, Mrs. Theresa Leigh Sherman, Chairman of the Board, expressed her thanks and appreciation to the First Lady for such a very kind gesture. She said that in discussions with Mrs. Bryant at a function the night before she had explained to her some of the problems they were facing at the university and the First Lady promised to give her fullest support. She also thanked her for sending a seven-person delegation visiting from the United States who is guests of the First Lady. The delegation is in the country to assess the situation and see how they can offer humanitarian assistance, especially in primary health care and education. She said the meeting with the group was very successful and encouraging.

Mrs. Leigh Sherman promised to share the food with the faculty and students who were
working very hard to clean up the campus.

Upon arrival on Bromley Mission campus, the First Lady was met by Mother Louise Neufville, wife of the Episcopal Bishop, Principal, and Janet Johnson, faculty and staff and Mrs. Esther Page who gave an overview of the existing program. Mrs. Page explained to the First Lady and her guests that in the past, Bromley was an all-girls school that educated a number of well-known girls. The Episcopal Diocese is presently undertaking a program that caters to a number of under-privileged girls in the community that were affected by the civil crisis. She outlined the many needs of the school and asked for any assistance, but particularly with the re-opening of their clinic. She said that the clinic will not only serve the students but the nearby population.

Mrs. Bryant later donated some rice for the girls. The Principal and Mother Neufville thanked the First Lady for taking the time to visit Bromley and for their “rice and something to go with the rice” as quoted by the Principal. She asked her to please come again to see them and not let this be her last visit.

The next stop was at the Lott Carey Baptist Mission in Brewerville, where the First Lady began her early education. She pointed out to the group her kindergarten building that had been burned down from one of the wars. They toured the campus with Rev. Jeremiah Walker, the Principal, and his staff that also discussed their post-war problems. The devastation like everywhere else was unbelievable. Rev. Walker expressed his appreciation for the visit and said even though the First Lady did not graduate from Lott Carey; the school had turned out many prominent Liberians, including Mrs. Angie Brooks Randolph, who was President of the UN General Assembly, lawyers, doctors and others. He said that they were very proud of the First Lady who is from the area and the work she is doing in the community for the needy Liberian

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