We Concur With Flag Day Orator


The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

August 26, 2004

THIS YEAR'S FLAG Day celebration was held under the theme, "Disarmament, Reconciliation and Peace”, and the renowned Liberian educator, Madam Mary Brownell, served as National Orator for the occasion.

IN HER ADDRESS, Madam Brownell admonished Liberians to denounce violence, war and take steps that would prevent the stockpile of arms in the country. She said this will prevent domestic violence against women and children.

SHE SAID UNLESS Liberians as a people, deal with the issue of violence and the tradition of lies as a nation, lasting peace, reconciliation, unity and healing cannot be achieved in the country.

THE LIBERIAN FEMALE educator who is a member of the National Elections Commission, said in the process of reconciliation, enmity and alienation are replaced by peace and fellowship. Madam Brownell said for the people of any nation to reconcile, they should forgive one another and forget the past.

THE 2004 FLAG Day orator called on all Liberians to disarm their hearts and minds of evil, greed, selfishness, dishonesty, lies, deception, hypocrisy and corruption. She said this is the foremost thing to do if lasting peace and reconciliation is to be achieved.

MADAM BROWNELL ALSO urged Liberians to cultivate the habit of nationalism and patriotism which she noted are too foreign to the vocabulary of the nation.

INDEED, WE ARE in support of Madam Brownell’s assertion that our nation can not recover from the ashes of the 14 years civil war if we continue as a people to follow the path of violence and maintain the posture of evil, greed, selfishness, dishonesty, lies, deception, hypocrisy and corruption which are vices that have plunged our nation into chaos for the last several years.

AS WE HAVE always said, violence solves no problem and as such, Liberians must always do away with violence in resolving their national problems or differences. We should always pursue the path of dialogue.

FOR US, WE believe that it is now time for Liberians to cultivate the habit of nationalism and patriotism to the nation as emphasized in Madam Brownell’s Flag Day address. We should learn to live in peace, love and harmony as well as oneness as a people. Let us begin as a people, to demonstrate love for our nation.

LET US ACCEPT and follow what the National Flag Day orator has advised so we as a people, can live as one people.

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