More On Armed Robbery in Ganta

By: C.Y. Kwanue


The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted April 30, 2004

More revelations on the constant acts of lawlessness coupled with the recent wave of armed robbery in Nimba County have been made.

In his statement to our Nimba County Bureau Chief, the General Manager of the Gbeh Gborplay Cocoa Buying Agency, Benedict Bartuah explained that during the fateful night of the reported armed robbery on the Taxi-7074, his agency’s field manager, John Boimein reportedly sustained injuries to his hands, and lost a total of L$36,000 plus US$D2,700 which was sealed up in a brown envelope for the purpose of purchasing cocoa in the interior part of the county.

Mr. Bartuah who is also calling on UNMIL security to quickly intervene to bring the perpetrators of the crime to justice, named other victims of the acts as Viola Zeekeh who reportedly lost the total of 18 pieces of short jeans trousers, one pair of desert boot along with four pairs of long jeans trousers.

Mr. Bartuah who vowed to pursue the case through the legal means also named one Nohn Yini who he said lost the total of US$125.00, plus three gallons of kerosene, L$600.00, and L$1,900 worth of dried herrings including some personal effects.

As for the driver, George Wolo, Mr. Bartuah lamented that he too among other items lost his money in the tune of L$4,450, including L$2,000 worth of drinks reportedly purchased from NICOM.

Meanwhile, the alleged armed robbers who have already confessed their involvement to our correspondent are being detained at the Ganta sub-police station awaiting court trail

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