Liberian Political Party Reconsiders Decision Against George Toe Washington

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

May 13, 2003

The People's Democratic Party of Liberia (PDPL) has resolved the crisis within the party and at the same time restored the membership of its Standard Bearer, Mr. George Toe Washington.

The decision to restore the membership of the party presidential hopeful and resolve the crisis follows a reconciliation meeting held recently in Monrovia between the PDPL National Executive Committee and a group of dissatisfied partisans.

The dissolution of the mouth-long running internal conflict within the party was able to be resolved through the intervention of the Elections Commissioner.

In a three-page resolution signed by Mr. J. Napoleon Toquie, National Chairman, request that Dr. Washington open a line of communication within the party directly without a third party and that publication against the Standard Bearer must be put to immediate halt.

According to the resolution, the National Executive Committee also said Dr. Washington must work, cooperate and collaborate with the George Toe Washington School System in Liberia.

The party also said the issue of the prompt settlement of the US$5,500.00 debt should be tabled until Dr. Washington returns to Liberia. They also said that a lawsuit filed by the dissatisfied group through Mr. Abraham Zeon against the National Chairman and the Secretary General are dropped and the party agrees to work together in unity.

Meanwhile, the party has commended Commissioner Mary N. Brownell for her intervention and encouragement of all sides to the conflict to sit around the same table as brothers and sisters to resolve the crisis within the party.

The resolution attested to by 14 partisans of the National Executive Committee and the dissatisfied group was made available to The INQUIRER by Mr. Amos K. Darbie, Director of Planning and Research of the PDPL.

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