Geoservices Provides Pure And Safe Drinking Water To Hundreds Of Displaced Liberians

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted July 14, 2003

A Liberian Geo-physicist Dr. Nathaniel Richardson has voluntarily drilled a 50-ft water well for thousands of internally displaced people who fled the recent upsurge of fighting around the capital city, Monrovia currently seeking refuge at the Didhwo Tweh Memorial High School, now a displaced center in the densely populated borough of New Kru Town.

Dr. Richardson, President of GEOSERVICES Inc. a local water resource management company, indicated that he had embarked on the project based on humanitarian concerns for the displaced people who do not have access to safe and pure drinking water. “We have tested the water and results indicate that it is fit for human consumption.” The well is estimated at $3,500.

He said this project, though minute to the mammoth humanitarian needs; was a way of identifying with the Liberian people during this crucial period. Dr. Richardson then called on other Liberians to show similar gesture by providing shelter, drugs and food, among others to help alleviate the sufferings of war-weary people instead of relying solely on foreign assistance. “Little things matter,” the Liberian Geophysicist stressed.

Meanwhile, some 25,000 Internally Displaced Persons in Monrovia have benefited from relief items distributed by the Wesleyan Church of Liberia (WCL).

The relief items, which cost US$10,000 included 300 bags of rice and 354 gallons of cooking oil. According to the Assistant District Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church in Liberia, Rev. P. Fahn Kollie a total of 25,000 persons including 10,200 Wesleyans and 10,300 non-Wesleyans comprising Muslims.

Besides the recent relief distribution, Rev. Kollie mentioned that the Church is presently operating a Wesleyan Emergency Medical Clinic (WEMC) in Logan Town where the Church is catering to displaced and war-weary population of the Logan Town and Jamaica Road.

He said presently, WEMC is targeting thousands of destituteed families and mal-nourished children who are taking refuge on Boatswain, D. Twe and Doland Karn Wesleyan schools’ campuses.

Rev. Kollie revealed that in addition to rendering humanitarian services to the IDPs, the Wesleyan Church of Liberia has established an Emergency Relief Project which include an Emergency Relief Distribution (WERD) and the Wesleyan Emergency Mobile Clinic (WEMC).

The WCL Assistant District Superintendent said that the two components of the project will provide a three-month relief services to the IDPs effective July 1 thru September 30, 2003.

He pointed out that WERD will provide used clothes, cooking pots, spoons and pans among Wesleyan Pastors, who houses were looted.

In a related development, EWMC is expected to establish three emergency health positions at strategic locations in Monrovia to treat sick displaced and a pediatric feeding services for the mal-nourished infants as well.

He also indicated that WEMC will make a short stay health services from Wesleyans in Margibi County, Bong and Grand Bassa counties during the three months.

Meanwhile, the Wesleyan Church of Liberia has disclosed that due to the Rebels activities in the Southeastern region of the country, the more than six local churches in Sinoe cannot be reached by WEMC.

Speaking at the recent launching program of the Emergency Relief Program in Logan Town, the District Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church in Liberia, Rev. Isaac S. Wheigar told the starving war affected beneficiaries that his denomination was mindful of the terror and humanitarian catastrophe they were going through.

Rev. Wheigar said the relief basket which contain rice and oil was the church’s initial response to their circumstances. He then disclosed that the funds were made available by the Wesleyan World Mission and the World Hope International, the two major oversees partners of the Wesleyan Church of Liberia.

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