Liberian Humanitarian Group Assessment Report On southeastern Liberia

By: J. Moses Gray/ Editor

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

May 17, 2003

Grand Kru County
An Official of the humanitarian Community says since their assessment in Grand Kru County, life of children and woman growth up in unbearable condition because of lack of humanitarian assistance to those needy. Mr. Patrick Jrikan, Executive Director of the Concerned Children in Difficult Circumstances, Inc. (CCDC), attributed the situation to the present war in the Country. CCDC Official, who headed a two-man assessment delegation to the County, told the INQUIRER recently that the lack of assistance to the people of Grand Kru County is making life difficult for them. Grand Kru County, a rural community of over 60,000 inhabitants is one of the fifteen sub-division of Liberia situated in the southeastern region. The county is among the least developed sections to the county with high rate of illiteracy, lack of basic social-economic structures, a condition/situation if not addressed adequately will have an adverse effect on the children.

Mr. Jriken disclosed that Grand Kru residents are in dire need of humanitarian assistance including wearing, educational materials, medication and farming tools among other essential human needs.

Most of the school-going children, Mr. Jrikan said, are out of school, especially the girls. He attributed the situation to lacks of funds to support the children. He said while in the County, there are disabled children about 2,000 and other disadvantaged children over 3,000 of them whose condition he described as very grave.

He told The INQUIRER newspaper that the assessment team was taken aback when the members were informed by the residents that despite several appeals to humanitarian groups as well as people of Goodwill, nothing has been done for the residents of Grand Kru.

The assessment team noted that, most of the residents are impoverished and malnourished almost beyond description. The children are half naked, lack of food and adequate medical attention.

The Concerned Children in Difficult Circumstances, (CCDC) is a voluntary, non-for-profit, non-governmental organization established 1993 and legally registered under the laws of Liberia to cater the physical, social, emotional, etc. needs of children in difficult circumstances.

CCDC presently runs homes for 600 underprivileged children in urban and rural Liberia. It caters to 1,500 children with disabilities in the Community under our Community Based Rehabilitation Programme (CBR). CCDC also engaged in several development programs, including childcare, food and nutrition, health, education, agriculture, etc. in the Community. CCDC believes that through the help of other humanitarian Organizations, Philanthropists, the Christian Community, and other Goodwill people, her work will be the center of their hope and courage.

For details contact CCDC at P.O. Box 102209, 1000 Monrovia, 10 Liberia, Phone: 011377-47-51-271, E-Mail: <>

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