“Our Brother was Killed for his Land"
...Say Relatives of Mobbed Victim

By: Morrison O.G. Sayon

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted June 17, 2004

Relatives of the late Harrison Tarplah who was recently mobbed to death by a group of residents at the Timber field Community around the Freeport, say their brother was killed by persons illegally occupying his land in the area.

The relatives said the killing of their brother came about when he (Harrison) attempted to evict the illegal occupants from his properties, after they had vehemently refused to do so.

Speaking yesterday when they walked into the offices of The INQUIRER, Mr. Michenuken Tarplah and Samuel Tarplah, younger brothers of the late Harrison, noted that the allegation brought against their brother that he was responsible for the death of little Patience is false and misleading but only intended to get at him for his own properties, adding “even no part was a extracted from the little girl.”

Recently some residents of Timber field on the Somalia Drive near the Freeport of Monrovia mobbed to death, Mr. Harrison Tarplah, for his alleged connection with the mysterious disappearance and subsequent death of a child identified as Janet Gaye.

The residents during their mob action, also burned the car and home of the victim. Mr. Tarplah was beaten to death beyond recognition. They cut off his private part, burst his head and right eye and had his mouth stuffed with rags.

But in their reactions to this uncivilized act by the Timber field residents, the distressed relatives said the “killers” had since planned to get rid of Mr. Tarplah for issuing them a writ of injunction from the court for them to vacate land which they have been occupying for many years.

“When the death news of little Janet came out, Harrison told them that he will help them with transportation so that they will contact the police but they refused and started to beat on him”, Michenuken Tarplah told The INQUIRER in a very sad mood.

The brothers pointed out that upon the death of their brother, the very people resorted to uprooting his cornerstones from his land indicating that they killed him to take possession of his properties.
The family of the mobbed victim also alleged that they have been haunted days and nights by the same group of people apparently to eliminate them as well. “I have left my Barnersville residence because of news that these people visit my residence every night”, explained Samuel Tarplah.

“We are calling on the Gyude Bryant-led NTGL, UNMIL, and the UN Civilian Police to kindly provide security for us because our lives are in danger. Let them protect us and our properties because students of my Nursing School have also been threatened by these killers”, Samuel Taprlah narrated.

Meanwhile, relatives of the mobbed Harrison Tarplah are calling for the arrest and prosecution of those involved in the killing of their brother. The family also called on the government to leave no stone unturned in its stride to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The pitiful looking brothers noted that the action of mob justice that has crept in the Liberian society must be put to an immediate stop if Liberia is to enjoy total and lasting peace.

The family averred that anyone who has doubts about parts not being extracted from the girl’s body must contact the Liberia National Police for clarification or contact the Abraham Tolbert Funeral Parlors where the body is presently deposited. Say Relatives of Mobbed Victim

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