Humanitarian Crisis In Liberia Worsen

By Morrison G. G. Sayon

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted June 24, 2003

Reports gathered by The INQUIRER revealed that thousands of displaced people who fled their various homes as a result of a fierce fighting between government troops and rebels of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) on the out sketch of Monrovia are faced with a serious humanitarian crisis at their respective camps.

According to our reporter who visited some of the camps including the Mavii Sonii Elementary and Jr. High School in Clara Town, E. Jonathan Goodridge High School in Barnersville, New Port High United Methodist Church at the Waterside General Market, the SKD Sport Complex, among others, the general condition of the IDPs are said to be deteriorating, thus, leading to the death of four to five persons daily.

Some of the IDPs who spoke to our reporter confirmed that since their arrival at their camps they have not received any food or medicine, a situation, which they described as deplorable and need the timely intervention of the government and other humanitarian organizations operating in the country.

The IDPs, mostly women and children whose conditions appear very pathetic, from diarrhea and hunger on a daily basis because they have to eaten or received any drugs since they were made homeless following LURD's attack on Monrovia a week ago.

Speaking in an interview with The INQUIRER over the weekend, the chairman of the E. J. Goodridge displaced center Mr. Lawrance Moore lamented the plight of the more than three thousands IDPs on the campus. Noting that they are faced with an acute shortage of food and are unable to sustain themselves due to the increment of prices of basis commodities on the market.

Mr. Moore averred that some representatives from the world Food Program (WFP) and the Liberian National Red Cross (LNRC) visited the camps recently and told them to register for an assistance, which they are still awaiting.

According to an investigation conducted by our reporter some of the IDPS were seen sleeping on the bare floor at various schools. Some of the building are in a dilapidated condition and are seriously leaking due to the heavy down pour of rain; a situation which if not corrected, may lead to a humanitarian catastrophe in the country.

Speaking separately to our reporter, the displaced people expressed disappointment over the continuous suffering of the poor masses that are the victims of conflict the world over and called on the belligerent parties to the conflict to engage in an immediate dialogue aimed at ending the continuous bloodbath of the Liberian people.

Meanwhile, the IDPs are appealing to the Liberian government, local and international NGOs, and First Lady, Jewel Howard-Taylor to assist them with food items, blankets and medicines so as to stop the untimely death of children and the elderly in the camps.

The IDPs then concluded by urging those attending the Akosombo peace talks, especially parties involved to put the interest and see reasons to sign the cease-fire agreement, which will pave the way to further discussion.

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