Speed Up The Investigation!

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted June 14, 2004

ON LAST THURSDAY, the Vice Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia(NTGL),Wesley Momo Johnson openly expressed his frustration over the slow pace of the investigation into the murder of the late John Auffrey, a member of the last United States Military Mission that visited the country to assess conditions for the possible restructuring of the Armed Forces of Liberia(AFL).

VICE CHAIRMAN JOHNSON who was speaking when he paid a visit at the Liberia National Police Headquarters to ascertain the status of the investigations, said it is unfortunate that the police have not been able to apprehend and prosecute those responsible for the gruesome murder of the late American.
THE NTGL VICE Chairman also said that the murder of Mr. Aufrey is of paramount concern to the Liberian government. Additionally, Vice Chairman Johnson said the international community is watching the Liberian government to see as to whether it is committed to justice and the rule of law as it claims.
AT THE SAME time, Vice Chairman Johnson called on security agencies in the country to network in their operations so as to apprehend the perpetrators of the act and bring them to justice for the evil they have committed.

INDEED, WE SHARE the concern of the NTGL Vice Chairman that the investigation has taken a slow pace. Our support for his comments stems from the fact that this matter is grave and is a test case for the people and the nation in general to demonstrate their practical commitment to the rule of law.
AS STATED BY Vice Chairman Johnson, the international community is watching Liberia with an eagle’s eye to see what will come out of the gruesome murder of a man who came to the country to help work for the obtainment of peace.

FURTHERMORE, WE WANT to call on all concerned to treat this matter with a high level of seriousness. This is a no joking matter as it has something to do with taking away life and at the same time cast a dark cloud over the nation in the eyes of the international community.

FOR US, WE believe that the media should be given a free hand to conduct its own investigation into this serious murder. The media in accordance with its investigative techniques can help to facilitate the work of the security agencies. Too many times, the media has been prevented from carrying on such functions under the guise that it could jeopardize security investigation.

THERE ARE MANY questions which still need to be answered: How did the perpetrators enter the premises? Where is the American lady who was robbed, and what did she tell investigators? How did the killers enter the victim’s room? How did they enter the hotel and where were the hotel security guards? Was there any autopsy done before the victim’s body was flown to the United States?

HENCE, WE CALL on the security investigating this matter to treat it with all seriousness so it would not be business as usual. We say this because we notice in the past, how similar cases were not treated with serousness despite public outcries. This time around, let this make a difference. Let this matter be taken seriously as the world keeps an eagle eye on Liberia.

THEREFORE, LET ALL those concerned, speed up the investigation.

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