Liberia's Justice Minister Accused In Land Case


The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted February 6, 2004

A situation that could have again resulted into an all-out built up yesterday again over the grand-old Vai Town land dispute when the Justice Minister dispatched police officers to halt a construction work being undertaken by one of the contending parties to the case.

Apparently acting upon complaint filed by the other party to the popular Via Town Land case, a deputy Police Inspector identified only as Mason along with a team of officers accompanied by police arrived on the scene for the second time with a communication from Minister Kabinah Ja’neh reinforcing his previous order of January 24, 2004, to the Abraham V. Corneh group to discontinue any construction pending the Supreme Court consideration in the matter.

But the other party became enraged as Mr. Abraham V. Corneh. Administrator of the Corneh Estate wondered how a Justice Minister could get involved in such a case, and without investigating, order the construction project stopped instead of allowing for a bill of Prohibition from the court.

Mr. Corneh who struggled to explained the story to the police officers on the scene displayed a map saying it is shocking that Minister Ja’neh has chosen at this late day to stop us after knowing that where the construction is on-going is not part of the protracted Via Town case.

Mr. Corneh openly told the police that he had no reason to doubt that Minister Ja’neh might be aware of what he is doing or might had received bribe from the contending…

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