Any Attempt to ‘Hijack Rubber Plantation in Maryland?

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted June 19, 2004

A new campaign by certain individuals within the transitional government circle seeking to "hijack" the rubber plantation in Pleebo, Maryland County, to the detriment of the war weary citizens of the area has been uncovered.

An investigation conducted by a team of journalists recently revealed that despite the desire of well-meaning investors who are desirous of ensuring that the plantation blooms for the purpose of nation-building and development of the Liberian society, there are some characters who have resolved to work behind the scene to exploit the plantation for their personal aggrandizement.

Of late, the transitional government through its appropriate agency published a bid for the take over of the plantation in Maryland with the purported pronouncement that investment would ensure the provision of food, shelter, health care, better education and an enabling environment for the people of the county, especially at the time when the citizens are experiencing hard-time and their future uncertain.

According to an investigation, the invisible hands working behind the scene to grab the plantation are close associates of some top brass in the Executive Mansion who are being egocentric instead of thinking about the general good of the people.

Recently, two lawmakers from Maryland County, James Bannie and David Saydee talked against the “conspiracy” by some persons in the corridor of power engineering to take over the Pleebo plantation for their selfish gains and not for the general good of Marylanders.

The two lawmakers are however advocating that any take-over of the plantation by investors should serve e need of thousands of the inhabitants most of whom have been greatly affected by the war and facing enormous difficulties such as the lack of food, shelter, health care, transportation and employment opportunities. Also, the maintenance of the trees and the facilities of the plantation is said to be of profound concern to the Maryland lawmakers.

Meanwhile, members of the Maryland University Student Association (MUSA), elders, opinion leaders, zoes, and other Marylanders currently residing in Monrovia, say they are following developments regarding the plantation with eagle eyes and that any attempt to bring back the vices of the past where they were denied benefits from the resources of the county will be met with stiff resistance.

Speaking separately, the Marylanders warned those behind the scene to hijack the plantation through their connection with the Executive Mansion, to immediately desist, as they remain uncompromising in their decision.

“We are calling on our sons and daughters of Maryland County who may be connected to this ugly plan to immediately halt or be exposed”, the citizens noted. At the same time, they are calling on the United States Government which is playing a leading role in bringing peace to Liberia, to closely monitor the happenings as it has promised to deny entry visas to the USA of any corrupt official of the transitional government. Investigation continues.

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