NCDDRR Lauds Women’s Role in DDRR Resumption

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted May 11, 2004

Liberian women under the banner of the Women in Peace-building Network (WIPNET), have been lauded for their constructive pressure and ceaseless advocacy for the resumption of the DDRR program.

The commendation was made recently when a delegation of the visiting Uganda-based women group, ISIS-WICCE, paid NCDDRR Executive Director, Dr. Moses Jarbo, a courtesy call.

Dr. Jargbo said the Government of Liberia and the National Commission on Disarmament recognized the numerous sacrifices the women of Liberia continue to make for the attainment of peace.

He encouraged the women of Liberia to continue their advocacy, stressing, they would be required to play a much larger role in the reintegration and rehabilitation process.

The head of the ISSI-WICCE delegation, Associate Director Ms. Jessica Nkuuhe, thanked the Liberian government, the United Nations and other stakeholders for the level of progress made in the DDRR program.

Ms. Nkuuhe used the occasion to challenge the Transitional Government of Liberia to ensure the full protection of women’s rights as contained in the United Nations Resolution 1325 on Liberia.

She said Liberia’s recovery process is crucial to the restoration of peace to the sub region.

Meanwhile, the NCDDRR Executive Director Dr. Moses Jarbo, on Wednesday met with nine Ministries of government to discuss their input for the successful implementation of the DDRR program.

Dr. Jargbo urged relevant Line Ministries to develop programs for the successful implementation of the DDRR program.
He said, once these relevant agencies of Government join the international community in formulating meaningful programs to incorporate the disarmed and demobilized ex-combatants into society others that are less enthusiastic will disarm without preconditions.

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