New Mobile Phone company for Liberia


The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted October 17, 2003

A new cellular phone company, Optima Wireless/Liberia Incorporated, with more than US$20 million as its initial investment, is to shortly begin operation in the country.

Optima Wireless/Liberia Inc. and its parent company, the Ducor International Communications accordingly will employ hundreds of Liberians and make the price of cell phones affordable.

Addressing newsmen yesterday, Optima Wireless’ president, Ambassador Jallah K .K. Kamara said, the operation of the company has been approved by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, the National Investment Commission(NIC) and the Executive Mansion.
Ambassador Kamara disclosed that despite meeting up with all of the requirements, the Taylor-led administration refused to issue the license on grounds that a "brown envelop be passed under the table."

According to the company’s president, feasibility studies for the new company and a comprehensive project proposal have been completed for the entity. Mr. Kamara boasted that his company will sell a GSM phone with SIM Card and Scratch Card as low as US$79.00!

Ambassador Kamara said he in partnership with International Management U.S.A. Limited headed by Mr. Michael Gilbert, are determined to bring to fruition the new company now that the monopoly previously enjoyed in the country has been scratched.

It can be recalled the Mr. Gilbert during a recent visit to Liberia donated books, computers and toys to the Government of Liberia(GOL).

Mr. Michael Gilbert according to reports, is the head of 13 corporations and a bank with an investment capital of over one billion dollars.

Ambassador Kamara told newsmen that the company could not begin operations because of greed which was the main factor for the practice of monopoly in the country during the recent past era.
He commended the Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia(NTGL), Mr. C. Gyude Bryant for abolishing monopolies and reintroducing the free enterprise system.

"Some of us have suffered from the monopolistic system, and conflict of interest especially when it comes to the protection of friends. This is why I am commending the Chairman for abolishing the bad economic system, monopoly," Ambassador Kamara said in a serious mood.

Touching on the operation of the new company, Ambassador Kamara said they will invest over US$20 million to bring about fair competition in the country and provide jobs for hundreds of Liberians

He said by abolishing monopoly, Chairman Bryant has put aside greed and selfishness which Always give rise to that bad economic practice.

He urged Chairman Bryant to remain focus in fulfilling the hope and aspirations of the Liberian people.

Ambassador Kamara also cautioned the Bryant-led administration to beware of those who do not have the money but want license only to go after investors in search of funds.

The coming of the new company, will bring to two the number of GSM phone companies operating in the country, and will go a long way in making cell-phones affordable to the majority of the people.

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