NRP Backs Election Commission’s Recent Position

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted May 7, 2004

The National Reformation Party(NRP) says it welcomes with profound joy and utmost satisfaction recent pronouncement by the National Elections Commission (NEC) imposing a ban on premature political campaign activities which in fact has sometime now been unfolding in the country.

In a press release issued yesterday, the NRP further emphasized that the premature political campaign activities being carried by some individuals and some political parties ahead of the preparation and publication of the elections guidelines and time-table by the requisite authority is not only a gross violation of the Elections Laws of Liberia but also a recipe for a wide-range of future breaches in the other laws of the country.

“While the party agrees with other institutions and individuals that the freedom to associate and assemble for whatsoever purpose are fundamental human rights as enshrined in the organic laws of Liberia, it is only appropriate to avoid the violation of other laws in the process of associating with others.

“Again, construing campaign activities such as mounting the photograph of individuals wanting state power and requesting the vote of Liberians in political mass actions which are evidence of premature activities ahead of elections time-table, is a form of insincerity to the highest degree and should therefore immediately be discontinued,” the NRP release added.

The NRP urged those who engage in the activities of campaigning to redirect their thinking and focus on the very crucial matters of disarmament, demobilization of ex-fighters, National Population Census and other matters that should be handled adequately before the hosting of general elections so as to avoid the re-occurrence of the 1997 saga.

Moreover, the party said its attention has seriously been drawn to the recent statement by Dr. Tobga Nah Tipoteh where he accused the Chairman of the NTGL attempting to fuel a candidate in the 2005 presidential elections.

“While the NRP can not prove the allegation levied against Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant, the party views any attempt by the Chairman to fuel a candidate in the 2005 presidential elections as counter-productive and gross violation of the Accra comprehensive peace agreement.

“The party is therefore calling on the International Contact Group on Liberia (ICGL) and the 18 registered political parties to investigate the very crucial and important matter so the 2005 elections would be free and fair”, the NRP release ended.

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