Civil servants In Liberian To Receive Salary Arrears For October 2004

By: C. Winnie Saywah


The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted November 4, 2003

The Speaker of the National Transitional Legislative Assermbly(NTLA), George Dweh says the incumbent transitional government will begin the payment of salary arrears owed civil servants by the end of this month, October, 2003.

Briefing journalists on Monday, shortly after NTGL Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant had visited the Capitol Building, Speaker Dweh disclosed that the payment of salary arrears and other state matters were discussed.

He said both the legislative and executive branches of government are working assiduously to ensure that government workers receive all of the salary arrears owed them by the previous government including the current months in the transitional period.

Assemblyman Dweh stressed that it is unfair for people to work only for them to know that what they are laboring for would not be received to take care of their families and dependants.
He also disclosed that Chairman Bryant promised to do anything that will enable the peace process remain on course.

Commenting on the issue about the Central Bank of Liberia(CBL), Speaker Dweh who is one of the signatories to the Accra Peace document, stated succinctly that the silence on the CBL was a deliberate, willful and wrongful intent on the part of the conference.

Speaker Dweh said CBL's issue was never addressed but the five-year tenure of the CBL Governor as is being speculated in the city, cannot hold, noting, "according to the Accra Conference, all of such persons as Taylor, the senate pro-tempore and others are to leave including Chief Justice Gloria Scott who is almost out."

He maintained that both branches of government have pledged to work together for total security and peace and that meetings of such will continue from time to time.
For his part, the NTGL Chairman, Gyude Bryant upon his arrival at the legislature told assemblymen that his visit was to see and appreciate the circumstances under which the legislators had to conduct their daily hearings.

Chairman Bryant said it was a pity to see the first branch of government so disorganized, and that the honorable lawmakers had to work under constraints, but he congratulated them for accepting the challenge.

He then promised to ensure that the Capitol Building be made decent for the assemblymen.
It can be recalled that the past Blah-led government among many things, promised to pay civil servants at least three months salary arrears owed them for which a US$10 million budget was submitted by the Budget Bureau and passed by the 51st legislature.

Also during the most recent outbreak of hostilities in Monrovia which was described as the "third war", many public buildings including the Capitol Building were massively looted.

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