Armed Robbers Victimize Parsee Family

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

May 13, 2003

What could have resulted to death in the Parsee family of Neezor, an area in the Pipeline Community in Paynesville, unfolded over the weekend when three men believed to be security personnel made their way into the home of the family and put them at gun point.

According to Mr. Hilton Parsee, who suffered the worst on that fateful morning, the incident occurred at about 4:00 o*clock, when he got up to assist his wife, who sells "Cold bowl", to cook the food before daylight.

Mr. Parsee who was flanked by his wife when he was speaking with our reporter, said they began to hear some strange sounds and saw the rays of a flash-light from the other side of their house.

He said he immediately decided to find out what was happening, but within that moment three men rushed on them in the kitchen and demanded to know what they were doing at that time.

Mr. Parsee said they told the intruders that they were preparing food for sale. However, the three men one of whom was armed with an AK-47 rifle while the two had cutlasses, demanded that they go in their bedroom.

According to Mr. Parsee, they heeded and politely packed their wares to go inside as demanded by the three men, but were followed in the house by the three men.

He said while inside the house, the three men ordered him to lie down on the floor but he refused. Mr. Parsee explained that his refusal to lie down apparently infuriated the men who said he was being stubborn.

According to Parsee, the three men then decided to beat him with their weapons. He added that it was at this moment that he grabbed the gun and began to tussle over it because the armed man had come closer to him.

According to him, while tussling over the arm, the other two men who were having the cutlasses began to chop him on the body so that he could leave the gun.

He said he managed to take off the magazine of the gun during the tussle, despite being wounded by the three men who however, succeeded in taking away the empty arm.

Explaining further, Mr. Parsee said the three men ran away when they saw some neighbors coming in to assist them. According to him the three men

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