We Commend The Peace Efforts, But


The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted July 14, 2003

AS THE CRISIS in the country continues with efforts being extolled to find a solution by the sub-region and the International Community, It has been announced that 1000 Peace-keepers from Nigeria, Ghana and Mali are expected in the country within the period of two weeks.

ACCORDING TO REPORT, the troops coming to Liberia has been boosted with the giving of US$ 10 Million and logistics by the Government of the United States of America.

AT THE SAME TIME, a U.S. Military team is in the country to assess the security and humanitarian situation for a possible deployment of US troops as requested by the Economic Community of West African States(ECOWAS), the United Nations and the entire international community

THE UNITED STATES in furtherance of the process has also dispatched another team of military planners to Ghana, where they are currently holding discussion with ECOWAS Military heads for the deployment of troops.

PRESENTLY THE LIBERIAN Peace Talks in Accra, Ghana is progressing with discussion now being center on the formation of the new Transitional Government for Liberia.

WHILE THESE DEVELOPMENTS seem to be bringing some level of relief to war- weary Liberians, we want to commend the Government of the United States, ECOWAS and the International Community for their interest and efforts aimed at bringing peace to the country that has suffered from war for a protracted period.

WE BELIEVED THEIR efforts are not only intended to bring relief to war- weary Liberians but a move to save a nation from further destruction and save humanity as the current crisis in the country has brought about untold suffering which has led to a major humanitarian crisis.

WHILE WE ARE commending the facilitators, and the International Community especially the United States of America for their efforts thus far, we want to urge them to speed up the process.

WE ESPECIALLY WANT to appeal to the US Government to move a step further by deploying their troops in the country in a bid to provide leadership as requested by several members of the International Community.

WHILE WE RESPECT the funding of the process by the US, we want that great country to make her presence felt as it was done in Sierra Leone by the British and in the Ivory Coast by the French.

LIBERIA IS NO stranger to the United States, and their presence in the peace keeping will go in ending this crisis that everyone believe can end quickly with their support.

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