We Welcome Police Re-deployment at LURD Territory



The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted October 3, 2003

IT HAS BEEN disclosed that the Liberia National Police(LNP), will re-deploy its officers on the Bushrod Island come Friday. The decision to allow the LNP in re-deploying its officers in the area has come following a meeting between authorities of the LNP and officials of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD).The meeting was organized by ECOMIL’s Force Commander Gen. Festus Okonkwo.

RELATIVE TO THE atmosphere of the meeting, Police Director Col. Paul E. Mulbah said officials of LURD were cordial, frank and candid. Others at the meeting embraced the result and decision for the deployment of police officers on the Bushrod Island.

INDEED, IT IS necessary that police be re-deployed in the area to carry out their duties. However, we wish to caution that those to be deployed must exercise the highest degree of professionalism and ethical standard.. Moreover, the police should ensure that nothing is done to endanger the lives of the population in the area.

IN ADDITION, THE police to be deployed should not use this opportunity to settle scores for whatever may have happened during the weeks of fighting in Monrovia. As police officers, they should serve all those in their areas of patrol without recrimination, witch-hunting or discrimination. This, we believe, will help in promoting the peace process. The police must behave properly to command the respect of the public, as a good police and public relations is necessary in combating crime.

EQUALLY, WE CALL on authorities and fighters of LURD who have agreed to the re-deployment to cooperate with the police and lend all necessary support in the discharge of their duties. Let it be known that the presence of both police and LURD fighters in the area, should not be seen as a parallel administration. That is, the police should be given unhindered access in the discharge of their duties.

While we do commend officials of LURD for accepting the re-deployment of officers of the LNP in the area, they should do everything to facilitate the work of the police and not be an obstruction or stumbling block to the effective operations of the police.

Lastly, we expect a cordial working relationship between the LNP and LURD at this time. The Liberian people cannot afford any situation that will endanger their lives. Therefore, let the re-deployment of the police on the Island be the beginning of similar actions in other areas, especially Buchanan which is under the control of the Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL).

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