Prisoners Protect Over Bad Sharpe Of Prison Compound In Monrovia

By: Martin C. Benson

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted November 24, 2003

"Human rights man! human rights man! We’re suffering here-o! No food, no water! No speedy trial! We’re just here dying-o!!!" were the shouts of one of the inmates of the cell at the Police Headquarters, when he caught sight of the international police chief Commissioner

Mark Kroeker who and entourage were being led by police director Christ Massaquoi on a guarded tour of the facilities of the police headquarters.

Commissioner Kroeker and party apparently pretended not have been listening to the inmate loud voice that echoed in the corridor of the police headquarters almost overshadow the conversation between the visitors and Director Massaquoi but the ears of the visitors were certainly wide opened as the unrelenting inmate amid applause by his fellow prisoners resounded their plight especially on the issue of prolong detention without trial something which is very common among human right advocates reports on Liberia.

Prior to the touring of the police headquarters facilities, the head of the international police under the aegis of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) Commissioner Mark Kroeker who and party had come to assess for the putting into play a mechanism that will lead to an effective police force in the country conferred in a closed door meeting with police director of the Liberia National Policed (LNP), Christ Massaquoi and senior officials of the Ministry of Justice but it is not cleared if the complaints of the inmates were discussed.

However, LNP director in his brief remarks at a press conference following the closed door meeting said he is cautiously optimistic that the international police will built a professional police that will work to ensure that justice prevail in the country at all times.

Director Massaqoi expressed how happy he and the rest were to have the United Nations Commissioner of police visiting them, emphasizing that their priority will be the building of a professional police force that will involve recruitment, training, planning and importantly to successfully prosecute criminals with regards to the rise in the crime rate in Liberia

. The police boss told reporters before the watchful eyes of the visiting police chief and 6-man guest that the professional police envision will also include arrest, search, seizure in compliance with the constitution of Liberia.

Director Massaquoi assured that based on the corporation from the United Nations police and his counterpart, Commissioner Kroeker, he will do everything humanely possibly to ensure that justice and equality will prevail through the due process of law.

For his part, Commissioner Kroeker said he was delighted to be part of the process to built a professional police devoted to the concept of the police service in order to restore the right to every person to be free from crime and the fear of crime.

He said the first measure to be take will be the developing of the police through certification curbing of robbery and preventing the rise in the number of deaths being reported.

He said already, they have received reports of areas like West Point, Gardnersville, New Kru Town, SugarHill among other comminutes and neighborhoods in Monrovia where the crime rates are high. and that an immediate action will be taken to arrest the situation.

Commissioner Kroker, although fell short of disclosing the number of police that will be certificated, however, said the police force will be well equipped and possess the requisite training adding, "for too many years Liberia has been struggling with hostilities. We do not want those hostilities to give way to criminalities. We want to replace war with peace and peace in the neighborhood as well." he said.

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