US Ambassador Turns Over Renovated Schools
...Challenges Liberian Students

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted July 16, 2004

The United States’ Embassy near the Liberian capital, has turned over two renovated learning institutions to their respective authorities; as Charles Crawford reports.

The University of Liberia(UL) and the Matilda Newport High School were among several schools that were badly affected by the immediate past rebel fighting in Monrovia.

The United States Government through its USAID Grant program, renovated the two institutions of learning and subsequently turned them over yesterday to the relevant authorities for use.

The US grants that provided equipment, supplies and repairs of the University of Liberia totaled US$145,000, whilst to rehabilitate the Newport High School, about US$25,000 was provided through the USAID program..

Speaking on the campus of the UL, US Ambassador John W. Blaney III, said he was indeed gratified to turn over the institution to its authority and celebrate the reopening of the varsity, which has been closed for several months, adding that the reopening of the UL is a chance to educate the future leaders of the New Liberia that we all envisage, “Liberia, Forward Ever; Backward Never!”

The veteran Western diplomat challenged all Liberians to take the opportunity of the international community’s kind gesture by joining hands to build a new and prosperous Liberia.

“We must work together to build and stabilize a new Liberia, the University is expected to play an important role to reconstruct Liberia, and that’s why the U. S. government’s grant through its USAID in collaboration with the Concerned Student Association provided assistance so that students will be able to learn in a conducive environment.

“The US Government is depending upon you to take the lead in building a New Liberia, we can help, but you must take the future in your hands. The new Liberia is going to be a great place”.

At the campus of the Newport High School, Ambassador Blaney challenged the students to take their lessons very seriously in order to have a place in the New Liberia.

In separate remarks, authorities of the two institutions of learning including the faculties and student bodies expressed gratitude to the US Government for its remarkable work done in the educational arena of the country. The institutions then appealed to the US Government to provide materials, textbooks and other instructional equipment for their respective laboratories and libraries and other areas to further improve the learning atmosphere on their campuses. The UL administration also appealed for the resumption of the Fulbright program for its instructors and professors.

Some of the work done on the campus of the University of Liberia include the repairs of over 1000 chairs and desks, the installation of two new hand-pumps, the renovation of the University of Liberia’s Student Union building, the renovation of the palava hut, the renovation of the multipurpose sports complex, the repair of vehicles, the Samuel Greenleaf Hall etc.

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