Renovation Works Begin At Capitol
…China Pledges Support

By: C. Winnie Saywah


The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted November 13, 2003

As renovation works begin at the Capitol, the People’s Republic of China has pledged its preparedness in providing supply of office materials to enhance the process.

Mr. Lu Guozeng, China’s Assistant Foreign Minister at the head of PRC’s delegation to the NTLA yesterday, promised to provide two-standby 500KV generators; vehicles for the legislators and water reservoir at the approximate cost of US$10million.

Mr. Guozeng who called for sustainable cooperation between Liberia and China, outlined several other development initiatives which he stressed will be undertaken by his government in the country soon.

He said renovation of health facilities will be of paramount in the process. The PRC’s Asst. Foreign Minister named the unfinished Health Ministry in Congo Town and the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital as the first targets.

Commenting on the road network in the country, he said the unfinished Mendekomna Highway, Monrovia-Harper highway, and the RIA main terminal will be upgraded to meet international standards He also said that major roads in the country will be upgraded as well as roads in major cities of Liberia.

Mr. Guozeng and his delegation who met with the NTLA headed by Speaker George Dweh in a closed-door meeting then concluded that in order to enhance the food supply in the country, his government has planned to beef-up the agriculture programs in Liberia.
He said several areas targeted include Decoris, Zleh Town; Butaw Oil Palm; Kpatawe, Fendell, Solumbae/Foya among others.

Meanwhile, the NTLA expressed appreciation to the PRC delegation for their concern and timely intervention.

The NTLA then promised cordial relationship with the PRC government.

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