RR Component of DDRR Needs Much Attention
-UNICEF Boss Bellamy

By: C. Winnie Saywah



The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

September 1, 2004

UNICEF Executive Director, Carol Bellamy has said if the RR component of the DDRR program is not given much attention, there might be an environment of instability in the country.

Madam Ballamy made the assertion at a news conference recently before her departure from the country after a three-day visit. She said with much funds being placed in the DD component of the program, it is worrisome because rapid return is being equated with security but “if there is not some real effort at returning and reintegrating the people in their communities, then the DD’s effort will create an environment of instability though that component of the program may be successful.”

Stressing on issues pertaining to the implementation of the CPA and the government’s own participation, she said, “one of the disappointing aspects of activities in the country is that the reintegration aspect which is to ensure that ex-combatants return to their communities is not given much attention.”

Madam Bellamy said the coming of funds pledged by donors during the conference is a bit slow because the government needs to take the lead in pursuing its objectives to ensuring that the donors meet up with their pledges.

The UNICEF Executive Director said, the resources needed will be more forthcoming based on the leadership of the government. So it is critical that the government leads now in the transitional period.

Madam Bellamy said it is also important that donors do not wait until the transitional period has ended and elections been held before they respond.

She said government needs to pursue its objectives and the donors will meet up with their pledges but “much will be done by the donors if the government meets it responsibilities”, she reiterated.

She said transitions are not easy and all Liberians must buttress every effort to support this period, so that the country does not return to conflict by ensuring that all mechanisms be put in place and promised that the UN is fully committed to the process.

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