RTC Workers Threaten Suit for Salary Arrears

By: C. Y. Kwanue

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

August 26, 2004

Aggrieved workers of the Royal Timber Corporation(TRC) have threatened to institute legal action against the management of the logging concern should it fail to settle their salary arrears.

A representative group of the TRC workers last weekend, walked into the offices of The INQUIRER and explained that the TRC management owes them salary arrears for the months of February, March, April and May, 2003, but has miserably failed to settle same.

Explaining their story, the workers through their spokespersons Paul Samuels, Charles Puo and Amos Clarke said since the arrival of the TRC’s Management team in the country a few weeks ago, it( management) has shown no interest in addressing the workers’ welfare. “And each time we attempted to see them, their security guard would tell us to go and come tomorrow again and again”, the TRC workers claimed.

The TRC management team of TRC who are reported to have arrived in the country, according to the workers, include the president, Gus Kouweinhoven, and General Manager J.Pierre Montaya, alias “Eagle”.

In their bid to have their problem resolved, the aggrieved TRC workers have given a 72-hour ultimatum to the management to settle their arrears or else, they would seek legal means or find way to block their early departure from the country.

However, at the relocated offices of TRC on Gurley and Carey Streets, the security guard there told our reporter that the TRC management was not in the country and as such, there was no need to inquire about their whereabout from him, though the aggrieved workers maintained that the management headed by Jean Pierre(Eagle) and his older brother, Ben are still in the country and are making frantic efforts to meet with them for the arrears.

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