Liberian Politician Detects Plot to Remove Him From Party Chairmanship

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

May 22, 2003

Credible information has revealed that a plot was being hatched by some disgruntled partisans of the grand old True Whig Party to unseat Cllr. Rudolph E. Sherman as Chairman of the party.

According to such an information that reached The INQUIRER, certain senior partisans of the TWP are holding informal meetings aimed at unseating Cllr. Sherman.

The information indicates that these senior partisans have been meeting in Monrovia to put together a plan to implicate Cllr. Sherman in an unpleasant situation so as to gain the public's support for their plan.

However, sources said the TWP Youth Wing is seriously concerned about the plot to dethrone the Cllr. Sherman. Our source added that the youth group has threatened that any attempt to unseat Cllr. Sherman as chairman will meet with stiff resistance as the incumbent has done much to keep the party alive.

The TWP Youth Wing, according to our source, said some of those individuals who are engaged in the plot have not made any significant contribution for the upkeep of the party.

When the TWP Chairman was contacted, he confirmed the report by saying, "the Executive Committee of the Party knows the names of those involved in the plot."

The TWP Chairman said the Executive Committee and himself know the venue of the meeting and those who have been attending. He said the Executive Committee will act at the appropriate time.

Cllr. Sherman said the TWP Executive Committee knows the supporters of those who want to dethrone him. Our investigation continues.

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