Varney Sherman Breaks Grounds For Latrine

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted April 27, 2004

Presidential hopeful, Cllr. H. Varney G. Sherman on last Saturday broke grounds for the construction of a 3-pit latrine in the PHP community.

The construction of the latrine is Cllr. Sherman’s initial way of identifying with the residents of the PHP community who are in dire need of basic social amenities.

Speaking during the ground-breaking ceremony, Cllr. Sherman told the residents that everything needed for the project has been made available by him, and that the architects will be going to look at the site and provide technical assistance.

Cllr. Sherman disclosed that the latrine project is the beginning of the numerous development projects earmarked by the “Sherman for President 2005” campaign team for communities in Monrovia and the leeward parts of the country.

“What we are doing here today is the beginning of what we will be doing, by the grace of the Almighty God, when we become president of this country come 2005.The Varney Sherman administration will be developmental oriented, we will provide our people the basic things they need in life such as light and water in every home and community, we will put the country on par with other African countries like Ghana”, the presidential aspirant told the people amidst thunderous cheers.

The astute lawyer lashed out at past administrations for their failure to undertake community development projects for the benefit of the people they professed to be representing in government.

“We don’t see the reason why past governments failed to build latrines in this community; we don’t see why they failed to bring water and light in your community when the needed resources were available. I say to you today that what I’m doing here is from my heart and just the beginning of the good plans we have on mind for you. I will continue to visit you ever weekend to ensure that this project is completed and we move on to another one”, Cllr. Sherman noted.

Earlier, the elders of the PHP community welcomed the presidential hopeful and his entourage, and lauded him for the project being undertaking in their community.

“Your presence in our community today simplifies the kind of man you are and will be tomorrow when you become president of Liberia. This community has been forgotten by all the governments we have had in Liberia. You have become the first presidential aspirant to come here in order to take shame from our faces by building for us a three pit latrine. We say taking shame from our faces because men, women and children defecate right here on the beach. Two weeks ago, you came here and saw our plight and you promised to be back here today for this occasion. So, in this public manner, we want to pledge our fullest support to you. We say the PHP community is for you and we will stand by you in your quest for the Liberian presidency”.

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