Lawsuit Hangs Over Superintendent For Looting In Central Liberia

By: C. Y. Kwanue

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted July 15, 2003

A prominent Liberian businessman in Nimba County, has threatened to sue the newly appointed Superintendent of Bong County for “looting and/or auto-boosting and damages”

The businessman said, among other things, that as a result of the Superintendent’s action, his businesses have suffered some losses in revenue.

Mr. Harrison S. Karnwea, who is also the General Manager of Cocopa Rubber Plantation, told The INQUIRER that spare parts including the six tyres of his Toyota truck, plate number 0013 PT, were extracted or looted by the Bong county newly appointed superintendent, Sackie during LURD attack on Gbarnga early this year.

Mr Karnwea, in a furious mood alleged among other things, that after government troops had liberated Gbarnga, Supt. Sackie refused to abide by police mandate instructing him (Karnwea) to take delivery of his truck but he rather went out and looted several parts from the truck.

Mr. Harrison said when he personally contacted Supt. Sackie over the weekend as to whether he had extracted parts from the truck, he reportedly admitted being in possession of only three of the six tires but refused to turn them over to him.

Mr. Karnwea further noted that this was Supt. Sackie’s second time of looting his property and has therefore threatened him (the supt.) with a lawsuit should he fail to turn over his property.

However, when our correspondent contacted Supt. Sackie’s Gbarnga office on Tuesday (July 8), he was on two different occasions said to be out of office.

But at the Gbarnga police headquarters, Commander Nelson Freeman said he could not comment on the matter owing to its gravity, but sources at the headquarters confided in our correspondent that four of the six tires including other parts extracted from the truck have already been retrieved from the superintendent’s office by officers of the Liberian National Police assigned in the county.

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