Human Rights Group Against Extension of Charles Taylor's Gov't Tenure In Liberia

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

May 3, 2003

"Since the political landscape in Liberia is rowdy and seemingly impossible to conduct election in October 14, 2003, as being provided by law, which automatically creates a period of interregnum, Liberia Watch for Human Rights is calling upon all Liberians at home and abroad to set up an Interim Government with the support of the International Community, particularly the US Government instead of extending the tenure of the NPP-led Government after the expiry date of its mandate.

"LWHR strongly believes that any arrangement outside setting up of Interim Body that should be headed by a neutral person will not only be a failure to transform the present political situation, but will surely give birth to a "political atrophy and stagnancy" which of course will back-pedal the democratic process and bring more untold suffering to the Liberian people.

"Unarguably and glaringly enough, extending the tenure of the leadership of the NPP-led Government cannot transit the present situation to a new democratic government or government of National Unity, even with the intervention of the international force. It is an open secret that most Liberians in Diaspora, particularly the politicians and former faction leaders cannot comfortably participate in the present government if its tenure is extended in that, they are apprehensive of their safety.

"It can be evidenced that the blanket amnesty granted to the LURD rebels and some Liberians charged with treason are yet to be honored simply because they have no confidence and trust in the NPP leadership", a LWHR press release of yesterday asserted.

Additionally, International Community may not recognize or support the extension of the NPP-led Government’s tenure. Political and economic isolation of Liberian government since 1997 election is an indication that International Community lacks trust and confidence in the government. LWHR concludes to say YES to Interim Government to be headed by a neutral person and NO to extension of the NPP-led government’s tenure.

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