Charles Taylor Vows to Reject Government Outside Liberian constitution

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted July 15, 2003

The Liberian leader President Charles Ghankay Taylor says any attempt to fashion or put together a government outside of the Liberian constitution at the ongoing peace talks in Accra, Ghana, will not stand.

He said the constitution of the country will be respected and that any attempt to put aside the constitution should be resisted by all Liberians.

President Taylor said the constitution of the country must prevail at all times, stressing that his government remains that of the republic until the Liberian people decide on a change through the democratic process.

He made these comments over the weekend at a mass rally organized by the ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP). It was held at the party’s new headquarters at the Old Agriculture Ministry in Sinkor.

President Taylor, whose comments comes at a time when delegates at the on-going peace talks are holding discussion to settle the issue over the formation of a transitional government by Tuesday, said anyone who wants to attain political power in the country should follow the political process by organizing a political party and contesting the elections.

He said this was something he himself did during the last elections before emerging victorious in the elections.

The President comments were greeted with applause by hundreds of NPP partisans who trooped in their numbers under the rain to listen to what was described as a “fare-well message”, they wondered as to what the political platform of those hustling to be leaders out of a constitutional arrangement might be.

President Taylor said some of the delegates at the talks were fighting for jobs and wondered as to whether Liberians can afford to be killed because few politicians want jobs.

Also adding his voice on the issue, the National Chairman of the NPP, Mr. Cyril Allen said his party will strongly reject the formation of a government coming out of the peace talks that is not legitimate.

He did not elaborate but stressed that his party will not accept any illegitimate government of the NPP.

During the mass rally, statements of loyalty and support from the party women caucus and the party’s 15 political chapters of the various counties were read by partisan James Biney and Mrs. Nina K. Mcgill.

The ceremony was also characterized with songs of praise in support of the party and the leadership of President Taylor.

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