UN Security Council Renews Travel Ban list

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted June 18, 2004

The Security Council Committee which has been established pursuant to resolution 1521(2003) concerning Liberia, has approved a new list of individuals and entities subject to measures contained in paragraph one of the Security Council resolution 1532. The list was approved on June 14, 2004.

According to paragraph one of the Security Council resolution 1532, adopted on 12 March, 2004 among other things, is intended to prevent the former Liberian leader Charles Taylor, his wife, sons and senior officials of his government as well as his close associates from traveling.

The latest list of individuals released by the Security Council include Cyril Allen, former NPP chairman; Viktor Anatoljevitch Bout; Charles R. Bright, former Minister of Finance; M. Moussa Cisse, former Chief of Presidential Protocol, and Randolph Cooper, former Managing Director of Robertsfield International Airport.

Others are Jenkins Dunbar, ex-Minister of Lands, Mines, Energy; Myrtle Gibson, ex-Senator, Advisor to Charles Taylor; Reginald B. Goodridge, Sr, ex-Minister for Culture, Information & Tourism; a Gambian Baba Jobe; Ali Kleilat; Joseph Wong Kiia Tai, Executive of the Oriental Timber Company, and Gus Kouvenhoven, owner of Hotel Africa and President of the Oriental Timber Company.

Continuing on the list are Leonid Minin, owner of Exotic Tropical Timber Enterprises; Samir M. Nasr; Mohamed Ahmad Salami; Emmanuel Shaw II, Advisor to Taylor; Agnes Reeves Taylor, ex-wife of former president Taylor; Charles “Chuckie” Taylor, Jr, son of the former president; Charles Ghankay (Charles MacArthur) Taylor, former president of Liberia; Jewel Howard Taylor, wife of the former president; Tupee Enid Taylor, ex-wife of the former president; Benoni Urey, ex-Commissioner of Maritime Affairs, and Benjamin Yeaten, ex-Director, Special Security Services.

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