Turns-Over At Liberia's Finance Ministry

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted February 6, 2004

The newly appointed Commissioner of Internal Revenue at the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Banks Roesler has finally taken over office from his predecessor, Mr. Pennoh Bestman.

At a cordial and well attended ceremony held yesterday at the Ministry, outgoing Commissioner Pennoh Bestman denied ever refusing to turn over his office to the incoming as was reported in the media in the past as the post had been given to the MODEL.

Mr. Bestman welcomed Mr. Roesler to the new portfolio and stressed a cordial working relationship between them even though reassigned within the same Ministry. He indicated that he was turning over not because he has committed wrong but on the basis of reconciliation having served the Ministry for four years.

Mr. Roesler, Secretary of MODEL, indicated that if Liberians are to succeed in the peace building process, "we must first of all throw behind us the question of who did what in the past and put ahead of us the question of who wants what for Liberia".

He promised to work with other officials of the Ministry to bring relief to all employees adding, "if you do not work against us but rather work with us, we will work with you so as to explore your expertise in bringing relief to the entire country.

Mr. Roesler urged the employees of the Ministry to seek reconciliation, the reconstruction of Liberia and good governance.

He appealed to all revenue collectors in the country to adopt a "new attitude" and show respect for Government’s policy stressing, "the Republic of Liberia can afford to pay the salary checks of all civil servants without any outside assistance. But this, he said, can only be done when employees decide to work diligently and honestly.

Earlier, the Assistant Minister for Revenue Oscar Robinson who represented the Acting Minister of Finance, said all officials appointed to various positions within the Ministry irrespective of fractional affiliations work as a team.

He described the Ministry of Finance as a "Ministry of rainbow coalition", a Ministry that brings together the best minds to ensure that they do the work which is expected of them within the two year period.

Rep. Stanley B. Saywahn representing Nimba County in the Transitional Legislative Assembly including friends and relatives witnessed the turning over ceremony.

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