UNESCO-BREDA To Support Liberia’s Educational System


The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

August 26, 2004

The UNESCO-Regional Bureau for Education in Africa (BREDA) has pledged its commitment to support Liberia’s educational system.

Making the disclosure to this paper in an interview upon his return from a 5-day visit to the headquarters of UNESCO-BREDA, based in Dakar, Senegal, Deputy Education Minister for Planning, Research & Development, Mr. Peter N. Ben said UNESCO-BREDA’s support to upgrade the nation’s education system will also be extended to vocational, girls education, the prevention of HIV/AIDS, etc.

Giving the nature of his trip, Mr. Ben said his travel to Dakar was to discuss and identify areas where UNESCO-BREDA’s assistance and support are needed in the post-war reconstruction of Liberia.

While in Dakar, the Deputy Education Minister also presented a draft work plan for the Education For All (EFA) to UNESCO-BREDA through Pro. John I. Nwankwo (Education Policy Studies) for its input.

The draft EFA document, according to Mr. Ben, was described by UNESCO-BREDA as “very positive.”

Mr. Ben said during his meeting with Mr Armoogum. Parsuramen, the UNESCO-BREDA boss promised to use his office to advocate for Liberia and solicit resources for Liberia, since indeed the country is emerging from a 14-year civil war, and therefore its entire school system needs to be revamped.

He also held discussions with various UNESCO-BREDA advisors on culture, information and communication, human and social sciences.

As the result of Mr. Ben’s visit to Dakar, Senegal, the Ministry of Education is conducting the second phase of its technical meeting aimed at upgrading the draft plan of action to be presented to the Liberian people for their input.

The first one-day special working session was held on July 31, 2004, while the second session which began on last Saturday is expected to last for five days (August 21-27, 2004).

Meanwhile, Mr. Ben has extended his thanks and appreciation to his boss, Education Minister Dr. Evelyn Kandakai for the opportunity provided him to visit the headquarters of UNESCO-BREDA.

In a related development, Mr. Ben has disclosed that Liberians residing in Senegal have expressed their desire to return home and contribute their quotas to the reconstruction process of the country, while the youths enunciated their concern about seeking job opportunities and scholarship to continue their educational pursuit when they return home. Mr. Ben noted that his meeting with some members of the Liberian Community in Senegal was very fruitful.

Mr. Ben also said he had the opportunity to meet with some high profile Senegalese who praised Liberians residing in their country for their good behaviors which have made them (Liberians) to be free from acts that have the propensity to bring shame and disgrace to their country, Liberia.

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