UPP Wants Presidential Aspirants in Gov’t Resign

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted June 1, 2004

The United People’s Party (UPP) has urged presidential aspirants currently serving in government to immediately resign their posts. The party said as the 2005 election approaches, it has observed the emergence of a troubling electoral behavior that has the potential to make the political playing field un-level.

UPP, in a statement delivered by its National Chairman Wesley Momo Johnson at its Annual Dinner held last Thursday at the Monrovia City Hall, averred that a number of executive appointees and other public officers have decided to contest the 2005 elections, adding “they have gone beyond their private decisions; have publicly declared their intentions; and, have begun activities that, in our opinion amount, to campaigning”.

Mr. Johnson, who is also Vice chairman of the NTGL, said UPP believes that everything should be done to keep the 2005 electoral process free of suspicion.

Accordingly, Mr. Johnson noted “UPP is requesting all individuals who have decided and publicly declared their intentions to contest for positions during the 2005 elections to resign from their respective public offices immediately. This will spare the nation from a confusing state of affairs during the electoral process. We want these aspirants to spend more time preparing for the elections without bro-ha-ha.

“The Comprehensive Peace Agreement specifically prohibits the Chairman and Vice chairman of the NTGL; the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the NTLA; and members of the Supreme Court; and all senior cabinet ministers from contesting the 2005 elections. Resignation will not qualify any of these individuals”.

About UPP’s role for the 2005 elections, Mr. Johnson said, “to enhance post-election stability”, UPP submits that the time has come to form coalitions of political parties and forces that will finally win together.

He said, in this respect, the party intends to lead the formation of one of the 2005 electoral alliances.

“In the UPP-led 2005 Electoral Alliance, we will not oppose each other on the 2005 ballot in any constituency, and for any given electoral position. Each party in the alliance is guaranteed to win a number of elective positions. Members of the new generation will constitute the core of support for this alliance”, the UPP Chairman concluded.

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