US-based Entity Ready To Supply Sanitation Equipment

By: Martin C. Benson

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted July 14, 2004

The former West African Representative Council on the Black Minnesotans in the United States of America (USA), Mr. Sampson A. Wilson who is in the country to explore avenues for business ventures, says his company is prepared to supply garbage trucks, loaders and other sanitation equipment that are needed to clean Monrovia.

Mr. Wilson, a Liberia born, is the CEO and Co-Owner of Sawglenco International, a company based in the State of Minnesota(USA) which deals in garbage equipment, said his company is capable to supplying over 25 garbage trucks, loaders, germs spray as well as over 35,000 garbage cans for use in homes, business centers and in the streets.

The young Liberian entrepreneur, a former journalist turned businessman, told The INQUIRER over the weekend that already his company has established its branch in Liberia and has accordingly written the Monrovia City Corporation through Mayor Ophelia Hoff- Saytumah and UNICEF expressing interest to import those equipments based on appropriate arrangements.

“We are happy over the level of the peaceful economic climate in Liberia and would like to commend Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant, UNMIL and the international community for this”, Mr. Wilson interjected and continued, “Liberians and other foreign potential investors desirous to come to Liberia could be discouraged by factors such as the dirtiness of the city, lack of electricity, pipe-borne water etc”, and added, “we believe in first impression”.

Emphasizing why his company is eager to ship sanitation equipment into the country, Mr. Wilson said it comes against the backdrop of numerous outcry by the MCC to donors for about US$3 million to help clean the city of Monrovia. He stressed that his company deals mostly in sanitation equipment and is willing to ship any of the needed equipment for the cleaning of the city.

Mr. Wilson said his company, Sawglenco International, is also prepared to provide training for potential users of the equipment. He said there are experts who are willing to come here to train users of the equipments, adding, “we could do the training both ways, either here or at the corporate offices in the USA.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Wilson is calling on other Liberians in the Diaspora to come home and contribute towards the rebuilding of our war-ravaged country.

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