Winston Tubman Speaks Out

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted February 6, 2004

A renowned Liberian statesman, Cllr. Winston Tubman has urged Liberians to do those things that would keep the disarmament process and the entire peace process on track.

Cllr. Tubman said nothing should be done by Liberians at this time that would take the peace process off track, stressing that Liberians should do all they can to stabilize the peace process.

Addressing journalists last evening in Monrovia, Cllr. Tubman urged Liberians to also disarm their hearts of those things that plunged the nation in crisis for the last several years and divided them as a people.

He cautioned Liberians to cultivate the habit of engaging in positive ventures that would bring the country to the dreams that were envisioned by the late former president William V. S. Tubman.

Commenting on reports that he intends to contest the pending 2005 elections, Cllr. Tubman who is expected to leave the country soon following a brief assessment visit of the situation on the ground, said he is studying the request from the Liberian people to do so.

He said everywhere he went, citizens presented him with petition to contest adding, "I am not in politics. But I will study the request and will get back to the people. What they want is what I will like".

Quizzed as to whether he is being pushed by people in the UN system to contest, Cllr. Tubman rejected such claims saying he does not have to be pushed to contest for the presidency.

Commenting on his relations with former president Charles Taylor, Cllr. Tubman said the former president has always asked him to assist normalize relationship with the United States which he did using his contacts in the UN system.
Quizzed to comment on what he makes of the indictment against Taylor, Cllr. Tubman politely declined on grounds that he is a senior official in the UN system.

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