LPP-Americas' Resolution Classified as Illegal and Unconstitutional?

Press Release Issued on September 2, 2002

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

September 3, 2002

On behalf of the Liberian People’s Party in the Americas (LPP), I am advising every partisan and the public in general to disregard the Press Release published on The Perspective's website on August 31, 2002, entitled “LPP-Americas’ Resolution of 2002 National Convention.” The Resolution along with all other decisions was derived at an illegal meeting chaired by the Secretary General, Mr. Wilmot Kunney, and not Bartee Togbah, Vice Chairman of LPP (USA) as reported in the Press Release.

Series of discussions was held about postponing the August 17, 2002, and we reconfirmed the decision by calling on the partisans that the meeting of August 17 2002 was postponed. Immediately after our postponement letter, the note was sent out signed by the General Secretary and approved by the Vice Chairman to ignore the letter sent by the National Chairman. Article VI, Section (b) provides that an Emergency Meeting shall be called by the National Chairman or two-thirds of the due paying members from each region or two-thirds of the members of the National Executive Members. Also, Article IV, Section (2) provides that the National Executive Committee shall be composed of the elected national officers and the regional chairman/chairwoman. Four out of eight members of national executive committee members did not attend because they were aware that the meeting was postponed. Therefore, to override the decision of the National Chairman, two-thirds of the due paying members or two-thirds members of the National Executive Committee should call to ignore the postponement. None of the above constitutional requirements was met.

The second issue is the Chairman of the Election Commission did not attend because he was also aware that the meeting was postponed. Article VII Section (1) provides that the National Executive Committee shall appoint an Election Commission 6 months prior to the election. The Commissioner was appointed 6 months ago. Article VII, Section (2) was contravened. This section provides that to be eligible, "only members who have met the obligations- paid dues, actively participated in the activities of the region, and attended at least one assembly meeting - shall be eligible to contest." The Vice Chairman that they claimed was elected had never attended any assembly meeting and has not paid any dues. Also, Article V Section (1a) provides that the National Chairman shall preside over meetings, and chair both the Assembly and the National Executive Committee. The National Chairman and the Vice Chairman were not at the meeting and therefore did not chair it. All of those constitutional irregularities summed up to considered the meeting an illegal gathering.

To nullify the meeting and its decisions, many partisans have joined me and called this August 17, 2002 LPP (USA) Convention, chaired by the secretary general, unconstitutional and illegal. The two national officers, - secretary, Wilmot Kunney, and co-chairman, Bartee Togbah violated the LPP (USA) constitution when they failed to meet constitutional requirements stipulated above.

Therefore, the August 31, 2002 Press Release is not only misleading, but also divisive. Senior Partisans, as well as concerned partisans seeking for unity within the party, have appealed to those who attended the illegal convention and to those who considered the meeting illegal to search for solution to this unnecessary crisis. Mr. Aaron Manor, the Chairman of the parent party, who is visiting the US, advised me that he was arranging a consultative meeting between the two groups as well as concerned partisans to find a resolution.

Issued this 2nd day of September, 2002.

Signed: Stephen Y. Konah
Chairman/LPP - Americas

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