LURD Denies Liberian Government's Claims that LURD Harbors Fugitive Johnny Paul Koroma

(A Statement Issued by LURD)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

May 27, 2003

A deceptive news clip boldly displayed on the frontpage of an independent newspaper -The Exclusive of Sierra-Leone on May 22, 2003 - falsely claiming that the fugitive erstwhile junta AFRC leader Major Johnny Paul Koroma has reportedly cast his lot with the LURD forces is misleading and preposterous - Johnny Paul is not with LURD - Taylor is cloaked with layers of deceit - it is a ploy and a diversionary tactic intended to distract the attention of the International Community - thus, evading indictment by the war crimes tribunal - Taylor is crafty and rife with abundant deceptive theories.

The said news media needs to cross check information and report from a position of neutrality - such unchecked reports only serves the deceptive whims of Taylor and his Defence servant - Chea. Taylor regime has the tendency of reverting to negative semantics and naive cyber talks whenever it finds itself on the defensive - The leadership of LURD H.E. Sekou Damate Conneh, Jr. realises the negative disposition of besieged Taylor - Taylor would embark on any means available to disseminate negative information to unsuspecting readers.

Taylor realising that his cup runneth over is waging an ineffective psychological and propaganda warfare - he is lingering in a nightmare scenario asserting that Johnny Paul has shifted alliance to LURD.

LURD’s intelligence Corps has retrieved concrete evidence from dead drops by infiltrating enemy terrain - indicating that the fugitive Johnny Paul is presently in Foya Kamala with Taylor Jungle Lions, Guinean dissidents inclusive - Taylor is supplying these men by air drops with the intention of swooping into Guinea and Sierra Leone at the slightest opportunity.

Considering LURD’s objective of restoring sustainable peace in the Mano River Basin thereby placing a high priority on the security of bordering Sierra Leone and Guinea, - LURD’s charistmatic Chairman Conneh calls on the Regional Bodies - ECOWAS, AU , EU and the International Community to do everything possible diplomatically to remove a man that assumed power by default - Taylor is at best an obstacle to peace and Democracy and at worst the source of a new conflict - Sierra Leone and Guinea - using Johnny Paul as a conduit (replica of Foday Sankoh) - survival is Taylor’s objective.

The leadership of LURD herein repudiates said misinformation and reassures the Government of Sierra Leone and Guinea and the International Community that LURD ascribes to sustainable peace in the sub region and the restoration of dignity to Liberians at home and in the Diaspora - and shall NOT condone/engage nor harbor miscreants/misfits wanted for war crimes as alleged by the Exclusive Newspaper.

The Secretariat/LURD
National Headquarters
Voinjama, Lofa County
Republic of Liberia