"Steal From Steal, Makes God Laugh": A Rejoinder

By Rev. Kortu Kayve Brown

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

June 19, 2002

Editor's Notes: On November 29, 2001, Liberian President Charles Taylor launched a national prayer crusade to bring back some level of sanity to Liberia and Liberians, declaring in part "... I wish no evil against any man. I wish only the best for this country and our people. But all of us must realize that no matter who is president, the biggest president of this country is Jesus Christ." Soon the prayer crusade, dubbed the "Liberia for Jesus Prayer Crusade", took a life of its own with a national coordinator and other administrative officers, and by February 2002, the ground work has been laid to host concurrently, a three-day (February 22-24) "Liberia for Jesus Prayer Crusade" at the SK Doe Sports Complex in Monrovia, and venues in 13 other political subdivisions of Liberia. Reports say at least 75,000 people from Liberian Christian Churches attended the prayer marathon which ended with a call to constitutionally declare Liberia a "Christian State". But organizers of the Crusade were still in celebratory mood for hosting a successful event when thieves burglarized the Crusade's Offices in Monrovia and took away important data and other documents. That burglary prompted the article "Steal From Steal Makes God Laugh" by Staff Writer Nyanseor to the effect that whenever a group of people decide to joke with God, the reward is not always favorable. But Rev. Kortu Kayve Brown, National Coordinator of the Liberia for Jesus Prayer Crusade thinks Nyanseor's article misses the point, hence, his rebuttal:

A friend told me on June 1 that an article had appeared on the Internet critical of Liberia for Jesus Prayer Crusade. I was moderating the conclusion of an "Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness" Workshop (May 27-31) for relief agencies involved in salvaging the humanitarian emergency crisis unfolding in Liberia, at the Catholic Retreat Center on Randall Street. I later made my way to an Internet café and read through "Elder Siahyonkron Nyanseor" article, which argued that the theft of Liberia for Jesus Prayer Crusade computers by evil men could be the results of the reported involvement of President Charles Taylor in the crusade. He further argues that "...if Taylor and his cronies are any integral part of the "Liberia for Jesus" organization at all, then it is likely that the burglary at the Crusade's offices may just be the beginning of many things yet to come because whenever a people decide to 'play church' or 'to play with God', the Almighty doesn't usually look on them too kindly."

As I read through the article filled with biblical and historical quotations, I wondered if the Elder ever got acquainted with PRINTED PRAYER POINTS of the Crusade, which were meticulously followed by the various prayer participants and management of the Crusade during the three days prayer time, February 22-24, 2002. To accuse the churches in Liberia of staging a pro-government prayer crusade is to suggest that the whole time was devoted to prayer for, and promotion of, the government. However, this is not the reality as the OFFICIAL PRAYER BULLETIN OF THE CRUSADE, which was printed by a local printing house and distributed during the crusade to everyone including local and foreign journalists, indicated.

We have therefore decided to avail the reading public within and without Liberia of the opportunity to review the PRAYER POINTS used at the Crusade and decide for themselves whether or not the crusade was about President Taylor or the SALVATION OF OUR SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY, LIBERIA. (Printed copies of the prayer points are available from the Crusade Office in Liberia).

[Crusade's Prayer Points]

Liberia For Jesus Prayer Crusade
Prayer Points: February 22-24, 2002

PRAYER TIME: (John 1:1-10)
A. Prayer of thanksgiving, confession, and repentance.
Thank God for all and any form of blessings we have received from him as a nation. Confess and repent of all and any form of idolatry in your lives, your families, your tribes and the nation. Confess and repent of all and any form of witchcraft and sorcery in your lives, your families, your tribes and the nation. Repent of all sexual immorality: adultery, incest, child molestation, rape, pre-marital sex, prostitution, homosexuality and lesbianism, pray for holiness and purity in marriages and relationships. Pray against tribalism sectionalism and nepotism. Pray all people will accept one another as equal human beings before God's throne. Pray against the attitude of withholding our tithes and giving generously to God for the work of the Church in Liberia. Confess that we have tolerated sin and people pleasing to us in the Church. Pray that God will empower the church with holy boldness to deal with sin in the Church. Confess that many persons in the church have lost their first love and backslidden. Pray for the backsliders to be restored to God and for their personal revival.

B. Renounce all national and individual satanic covenants.
1. Blood Covenant
2. Parental Covenant
3. Tribal Covenant

C. Pray for national leaders.
1. That they will walk and work in the fear of God (Proverbs 21:1).
2. That wicked counselors will be removed from the presence of the President (Pro.25:5)
3. That every evil plan and every hidden agenda that opposes the Kingdom of God and is harmful to the people will be exposed and destroyed.
4. That all and any form of bribery, corruption and social injustice be exposed and destroyed from our national life and service.
5. Those all-national leaders on every level of society recognize and accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all their activities.

PRAYER TIME (Ezekiel 34:1-16)
A. Pray for God’s favor upon the global church, especially those interceding for Liberia.
B. Pray for transformation in the Government.
1. The Legislature Branch
2. The Executive Branch
3. The Judiciary Branch
C. Enter into spiritual warfare against all evil forces (II Cor. 10:1-6).
1. Pray against wars and violence.
2. Pray against terrorism and civil conflicts
3. Pray against witchcraft and magic.
4. Pray against ritualistic killing and human sacrifices.
5. Pray against crime and sicknesses.

D. Pray for deliverance from all demonic attacks (Eph. 6:10-18)
E. Pray against all abuse and mistreat of women and children in Liberia.
F. Pray against all forms or abuse of alcohol, drug and drunkenness
G. Pray against the abuse of Holy Spirit gifts in the church.

A. Pray for unity among believers (Eph. 4:1-16)
B. Pray for Divine protection upon all intercessors.
C. Pray for God’s wisdom upon all worship leaders.
D. Pray against any attempt of the enemy to infiltrate our prayer defenses
E. Pray for God’s healing upon the land: physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional.
1. Good annual harvests
2. Good neighborliness
3. Stability in the families
4. Integrity in the land.

F. Petitions and Supplications.
1. Ask God to raise up wise leaders with integrity to lead Liberia.
2. That men and boys will honor their wives, mothers and sisters and treat them with respect and dignity and not as inferior beings.
3. Ask God to draw all persons to himself in sincere repentance (Isaiah 55:6-8).
4. Pray that Parents will be able to care for the Children and other family members in the fear of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4).
5. Ask God to give the church victory over evil forces and cleanse the church of all-satanic practices and false prophets.

1. Pray for integrity, humility and transparency, among leaders.
2. Pray for leaders and Spiritual Fathers in the church.
3. Pray for unity in the Holy Spirit.
4. Pray for commitment to the task of Evangelization and reaching the lost with the Gospel.
5. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s wisdom, knowledge, understanding and revelation of Truth in the congregations of believers (Eph. 1:15-19)
6. Pray for fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit on the leaders.

1. Confess that so many people are living in adultery and getting divorce, even among Christians. Pray that husbands and wives will be true to one another and pray for strong marriages.
2. Confess and repent of all greed, financial corruption (in churches and government) and theft. Pray for honesty and that all forms of corruption and financial corruption and financial dishonesty that paralyse the country will be rooted.
3. Confess and repent that the church is not caring for the millions of poor and the needy in our midst, as we ought to. Pray for a new compassion in the church that will lead to practical outreach and help to the poor and needy.
4. Confess and repent of all GOSSIP, criticism, backbiting and jealousy in the church. Pray that Christians will esteem and respect other people, thinking more highly of others than of ourselves.

1. In general
a. Let God bring help to the poor.
b. Let God heal our sinful ways.
c. Let God’s light to shine on the Nation.
d. Let God’s name be honored everywhere.

a. All bloodshed should stop.
b. All forms of witchcraft exposed and uprooted
c. All resources are released to the Church and Nation.

PRAYER TIME (Eph. 5:21-6:9)
A. Pray for families and single parents that there may be peace in the home, genuine love and respect for each other, and commitment to prayer and bible study.
B. Pray for security and protection in the homes.
C. Pray for all institutions of learning to uphold:
1. Sound moral values
2. Respect for constituted authority
3. Maintenance to facilities and equipment provided to the institutions.
4. Good and faithful school administrators and staff
5. Conducive teaching and learning environment
D. Pray for economic empowerment in the church
E. Pray for more Liberians to get involve in business, for fair business dealings.
F. Pray that Liberia’s international relations may be stable and rewarding.
G. Pray for God’s protection and guidance upon all diplomatic missions to Liberia.
H. Pray for any other local need and condition.

PRAYER TIME: (Isaiah 54:1-3, 55:1-5)
A. Reclaim Liberia for Jesus
B. Declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ over Liberia (Psalm 33 :2-12)

C. Claim God’s promise for Liberia.
1. Liberia will rise again and prosper in the world.
2. People will come to Liberia to learn
3. The Church will be number one in Liberia
4. The Church will send out missionaries
5. There will be lasting peace and stability in Liberia.

1. Liberia will be a Christian nation by constitutional provision
2. All those holding state power will forget secret societies.
3. Liberia will never be a part of any military coup in Africa.
4. All Satanic thrones and power will be removed from the land of Liberia.
5. Economy will be placed back in the hands of Liberians who are Christians.
E. Pray for a mighty revival throughout the land.

PRAYER TIME (Gen. 41:37-44)
A. Pray for God-fearing leadership in the land.
B. Pray for genuine reconciliation and national unity.
C. Pray for absolute trust and confidence in God’s word.
D. Pray for social justice and peace in Liberia.
E. Pray for genuine national consciousness among Liberians

PRAYER TIME: (Rom. 1:18-32)
A. Pray for world peace, stability and economic recovery in all nations.
B. Pray against all arm conflicts in the world.
C. Pray for total healing
1. Physical healing
2. Spiritual healing
3. Psychological healing
4. Emotional healing

PRAYER TIME (Isaiah 55:6-9)
A. Pray for the deliverance of our children from the bondage of sin and Satan.
B. Pray for spirit filled national leaders-the lawmakers, law enforcement officers, cabinet ministers, deputy ministers, directors of public corporations, lawyers, judges, religious leaders, union leaders, community leaders, and family leaders.
C. Pray for efficient political system and good governance
D. Pray against immorality, bribery and corruption in the Liberian society.
E. Pray against the use of Sunday for marketing and international football games.
F. Pray against occult practices in Liberia, that is, the use of magic and other demonic powers (Deu. 18:9-14)
G. Pray for God’s wisdom and courage for all world leaders especially at the United Nations and the Organization of African Unity.

PRAYER TIME (Eph. 6:10-18)
A. Build spiritual walls along Liberia borders from Earth to sky a garrison.
B. Pronounce Holy Spirit front upon every agent and activity of the Enemy, declaring them non-functional on Liberian territory.
C. Declare Liberia free from the kingdom of darkness to which our country has been sold.
D. Declare every people group in Liberia open to hear the Gospel preach to them and have churches planted among them.
E. Pronounce boldness to preach the gospel any time anywhere in Liberia.

PRAYER TIME (Isaiah 2:2-5)
A. Pray for peaceful relationship between Liberia and her neighbors-Sierra Leone, Guinea and Ivory Coast.
B. Pray for investors to come to Liberia.
C. Pray the church to become more prophetic than ever before.
D. Pray that all secret societies be abolished.

PRAYER TIME (Psalms 96:2-4)
A. Thank God for forgiving our sins.
B. Thank God for providing food and water for our country
C. Thank God for giving us lasting peace and stability
D. Thank God foe delivering our children for the hand of the enemy.
E. Thank God for providing employment opportunities in our country.
F. Thank God for friends and supporters of the National Prayer Crusade and for the planners and implementers of the program.

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