Kplio Association Cendemns Renewed Fighting in Monrovia

(Press Release)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

July 28, 2003

The Kplio Association USA, Inc. is deeply troubled and horrified by the continue fighting that is sweeping the lives of unarmed and peace loving citizens in the embattled Liberian capital, Monrovia. We are shocked by the utterances and the recent developments coming from both the government and the rebel forces that the fighting will continue until the last man perished. The statement attributed to the government forces that “the next two days will decide who wins the war” and the alleged rebels assertion circulating in the news media that “the mortar attack would go on until the people of Monrovia forced President Charles Taylor to leave and that there are 500 mortar rounds waiting to be fired” are unpatriotic, barbaric, absurd and vindictive. We hope that those making these statements will be responsible enough to accept the consequences, when the military and political dust settles. The carnage against unarmed and peace loving Liberians, which is being instigated by their own kinsmen is ungodly and beyond human imagination.

It is terrifying for a group of people to vow and kill or to perpetuate heinous crimes against the very people they want to rule. The Liberian people and the entire world are watching these evils that are being systematically targeted against humanity in Liberia.

The Kplio Association USA, Inc stands in solidarity with the suffering people of Liberia, especially the Monrovians to condemn, in the strongest term, the organized bloodbath in that country. We anticipate that the government of indicted President Charles Taylor, the LURD/MODEL rebels and the Liberian politicians sitting in luxurious hotels in Accra, Ghana fighting for lucrative state positions, at the expense of innocent lives that is being lost daily, will rethink their actions and the levels of destructions they have brought on the Liberian people, thereby ending the talks rapidly on a successful note. Liberians everywhere will out rightly reject and oppose any attempt by a group to seize power through the barrels of gun.

It is cleared from the ongoing fighting and peace talks that the motives of Liberian politicians and their operatives are no different from the indicted President Taylor. They must stand ready to accept equal responsibilities; and one day each and every one who is involved into wanton destruction of lives or raining terror on the people in Liberia shall be compelled to answer to the Liberian people and the international community for cruelty and the atrocities (gross violation of human right) they are committing now.

We urge all parties involved in the Liberian conflict to abolish promoting self-interest and the killings, and return to the peace table in Accra, Ghana. We are appealing also to the United States Government to rethink its position that the deployment of US troops in Liberia is conditional on the departure of the indicted President, Mr. Taylor leaving the country, is not in the best interest of unarmed and peace loving Liberians who are perishing in the hands of both government and rebel forces daily. Neither the indicted warlord turned President Charles McArthur Taylor, nor the rebels fighting his government for control of state power has remorse for whatever they do to humanity. The failure of the parties to resolve their differences within sixty days at the ongoing peace talks and/or to arrive at a workable political settlement, must speak to the minds of all peace loving people, like the United Nations, the European Union, the Africa Union, the ECOWAS, the Mano River Union and the United States of America, the natural candidate to lead the robust force into Liberia respectively to act now. Mr. Taylor, the rebels and the self-styled Liberian politicians have done enough damage to the country and they need to realize it.

Signed: Hayford J. Jarpa
Acting Chairman
Delaware Valley Chapter / KAUSA
Tel:(856) 697-9621

Done this date A. D. July 26, 2003