Liberians in the Netherlands want Peace, if it means that President Charles Taylor Resigns and UN forces deployment in Liberia

(Press Release Issued By The Liberian Association in the Netherlands (LAH))

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

May 29, 2003

The Liberian Association in the Netherlands (LAH) applauds Mr. Ruud Lubbers U.N. refugee Boss’s statement that called for forceful step down of the Liberian President Charles Taylor and a deployment of U.N. peacekeeping force in Liberia. Mr. Lubbers has heard the cry of the Liberian people.

LAH strongly supports the UNHCR Chief stance that with the presence of Charles Taylor unsavory government will not help to free the sub-region of the cycle of violence and creating gun-wielding bandits.

“We hope other world leaders will follow suit to condemn the madness in the sub-region of West Africa with Liberian as brain child and make serious political commitment to bring peace and stability to the region.” Mr. Abraham Tiaquicyl President of the Liberian Association in the Netherlands said.

Mr. Tiaquicyl pointed that other war-battered countries in the region like Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast are making efforts to return to normalcy while Liberia lags behind to put an end to the suffering of its population.

The Liberian Community head in the Netherlands said: “we hate suppression, we hate war in any form, and we want all stakeholders to dismiss arm and give peace a chance”.

The Liberian Community boss continued: “We as well appeal to the government of the Netherlands to give Liberians coverage (permit of residence) in their effort to bring peace to their country.”

The Liberian Association in the Netherlands (LAH) was founded in 1991 as an umbrella organization of Liberians residing within the Netherlands and is committed to helping Liberians in the Netherlands and in Liberia. LAH is also committed to promoting national reconciliation, reconstruction, peace, unity and rehabilitation. One of the major assistance provided by LAH for Liberians in the Netherlands is working with legal practitioners, Refugee Organizations and liaises with government authorities, concerned and support groups on Liberian Asylum application procedures. LAH membership is about 3,000.

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