LDI Calls For Cessation of Hostilities, Taylor's Resignation

(A Statement Issued June 10, 2003, The Liberian Democracy Initiative, LDI)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

June 10, 2003

The Liberian Democracy Initiative (LDI) demands an immediate and unconditional cessation to the war and hostilities between the armed rebel groups and government forces in Liberia. LDI further calls for the immediate deployment of an international stabilization force to stop the costly sufferings of the Liberian people.

LDI specifically calls on the United States Government to actively engage and support the United Nations Security Council to immediately act by extending the mandate of the U.N. peacekeeping forces in Sierra Leone and rapidly redeploying at minimum a 5000-strong force to stop the carnage in Liberia. This force is urgently needed to protect innocent civilian population as well as ensure the balance of power. There is too much at sake in Liberia and the Mano River Basin sub-region. The United States must take this opportunity to assert its historic and strategic friendship with Liberia and the people of West Africa at this most crucial moment.

The failure of the Akosombo Peace Talks on Liberia and recent developments in Monrovia make it very clear that the warring parties to the conflict are unable to restore peace and political stability in the country. The intensified fighting and heavy artillery bombardments in Monrovia underscore the fact that the forces of evil are determined to impose their military and political will on the Liberian people. But peace-loving Liberians and the international community must aggressively work together so that Liberia does not slide deeper and deeper into anarchy and genocide. Together, we must act now to protect the nearly 1.3 million civilians in the capital City of Monrovia and its environs. LDI demands that the warring parties must take all necessary measures to protect the civilian population as well as avoid violations of international humanitarian laws and human rights abuses against unarmed combatants, women and children in Liberia.

LDI therefore urges Liberians to support and approve without delay an interim provisional civilian administration that will restore peace and political stability to Liberia. We must move quickly to garner the immediate support of the United Nations on this very urgent situation to avoid further bloodshed. Finally, LDI again demands that Charles Taylor must resign immediately without conditions and honor his recent statement at the Akosombo Peace Talks to step down in the interest of ensuring peace and a smooth transition of power in Liberia.

God bless Liberia and the Liberian people.


Varney A. Yengbeh, Jr.