Liberian Institute for Peace, Democracy, and Good Governance

(Press Release)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

October 2, 2003

Philadelphia, PA - More than fifty Liberianists (meaning scholars who study and have work experience in Liberia), including Liberian professionals residing in the United States have established the Liberian Institute for Peace, Democracy, and Good Governance (LIPDGG or Liberia Institute for short). The mission of the Liberia Institute is actively to involve technocrats in all fields to work for the attainment of durable peace, democracy and good governance in Liberia.

The Liberia Institute evolved from a network of professional meetings over the past three years culminating in two Liberia Peace and Democracy Workshops at the University of Pennsylvania on August 9, 2003, and Delaware State University on September 27, 2003.

The Liberia Institute has finalized a report on how to implement the August 19 Liberian Peace Agreement. It will be sent to all Liberian stakeholders. Members also decided to begin discussions with the Carter Center on facilitating a national, representative conference in Liberia. Toward this end, they will seek the endorsement of the National Transitional Government of Liberia and work with other Liberian organizations in organizing the national conference.

The founding members of the Liberia Institute elected the following interim officers: Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh, Chairman; Dr. Cyril Broderick, Co-Chairman; Dr. Edward Lama Wonkeryor, Secretary; Mrs. Juanita Bropleh, Treasurer; and Counselor Philip A.Z. Banks, Legal Adviser.

The Liberia Institute is open to all Liberianists, including Liberian professionals. Its interim headquarters are at the University of Pennsylvania and Delaware State University.

CONTACT: Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh, University of Pennsylvania
Phone: 215-573-0656

Dr. E. Lama Wonkeryor, Temple University
Phone: 215-204-8475