LLC Commends Merger Efforts

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

November 18, 2002

On behalf of the Liberian Leadership Conference (Bethesda), which I chair, I extend sincere congratulations to the leaders and membership of the five Political Parties, for their bold efforts in seeking a political merger of their parties. Let me further congratulate my brothers, Counselor Chea Cheapoo, Mr. Alhaji kromah, Dr. Harry Moniba, Dr. George Toe Washington and S. Fayah Gbollie for spearheading this political undertating. It is our sense that in so doing they have sacrificed the political party egos and ambitions of the respective parties to seek State Power for the interest of the Republic of Liberia. They deserve our commendation and encouragement. It is our wish and hope that their efforts will not only complement, but also re-enforce the focus of the Liberian Leadership Conference to develop a common approach among Liberians opposed to the conditions at home and speak with one voice in the resolution of the many unspeakable problems that pervade our country. We work well when we work are together. The more we continue to pursue our individual political agendas at the sacrifice of the country, the more our credibility will be compromised.

This is the precursor to the galvanizing vision towards reducing the increasing number of parties in a small country as ours. We hope that this trend towards reduction in the number of parties will go a long way in minimizing the potential confusion amongst our people who may not be comfortable with the plurality of aspirants. We encourage other political parties to examine the potential for executing similar gestures, and unpretentiously commit to ensuring that their critical constituent bases at home are fully engaged and on board. Let me also add an encouraging word of caution. It is our hope that the political mergers will be created beyond the desire solely to change the present leadership or the ensuing elections, but rather they will continue to serve as continuing pressure groups of checks and balances. Further the mergers should commit to elections whose process to the elections is but free and fair in a relatively level playing field. From the my interaction with you I am comforted by your demonstrative commitment to listening to the voices of our people. We, at the Liberia Leadership Conference (Bethesda) pledge to render you the relevant assistance towards the materialization of your vision.


Cletus Segbe Wotorson
Chairman, LLC

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